Choose Our Adventure: Inaugural Edition Winner


We would like to thank everyone so much who voted! It was really exciting to watch the votes come in and see who was the early winner and then who was the big winner. Well, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer!


The Lorax received two votes.

Meat Pies from Pure Pastry received two votes

The Circus received seven votes

See a silent movie received three votes


So, we’ll be going to the circus and sharing our thoughts with our wonderful readers! Thanks for sending us to the circus.


I really liked all of our ideas so you may see them later on as other features or some may show up in next month’s vote. We’ll also be coming up with more ideas, you guys have good taste so we feel good leaving one feature a month up for a vote!


Stay tuned for our thoughts on Ringling Bros. and Barnum& Bailey Circus: Fully Charged!

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2 thoughts on “Choose Our Adventure: Inaugural Edition Winner

  1. Hurray for the circus!
    You can write about how you took meat pies to eat under the big top,
    loved the act with the trained loraxes, and temporarily lost your hearing
    after the cannon shot out the daredevil–watching the rest of the show
    was like watching Charlie Chaplin’s silent movie “The Circus”.

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