Fashion Desk: 2013 American Music Awards

She Said:


The American Music Awards are always a little more slick in production values than the MTV awards, but they still bring out the funky, yet glamorous side of the music world. Let’s take a look at the red carpet from last night.




zendaya 2013 AMA


Zendaya in Donna Karan resort


I love this outfit! The crisp white of the tunic and the pants paired with the silver accessories looks so sharp. Her hair and makeup are lovely and compliment the look well. Her  silver platform shoes totally rock.


 ariana grande 2013 AMA


Ariana Grande in Dolce and Gabanna


This red sequin gown is age-appropriate, fun and shows off D&G’s wonderful dressmaking construction.


 jennifer hudson 2013 AMA


Jennifer Hudson in Dior


Orange and pink is my favorite color combination and I just love this dress. It’s flirty, fun and perfectly fitted.


alicia silverstone 2013 AMA

Alicia Silverstone in Nicole Miller


This is a perfect little black (and gold) dress. I wish I owned this and could add it to my holiday dress rotation. It’s perfect for so many occasions.


Kelly Osbourne 2013 AMA

Kelly Osbourne in Rami Al Ali


This beautiful gray dress is simply stunning. I love the silver shimmer and tinfoil sparkles.  It’s nice to see a dress that is both fun and has long sleeves. The counterbalance of the houndstooth print of the bodice and the spikes in her hair really create and elegant and edgy look. This dress is tied for my best dress of the night.


Katy Perry 2013 AMA

Katy Perry in Oscar de la Renta


Okay, this is my official pick for the best dress of the night. I love polka dots. I love flowers. I love strapless ball gowns. This dress has it all! The fit is good, but the fabric and texture are the stars of the look. Her hair and makeup are pretty and are a classic Katy Perry look.




 Lady Gaga 2013 AMA

Lady Gaga in Versace


I’m not going to focus on the giant Storm Trooper horse that she rode in on. I don’t like this gown, because of its absolutely terrible bust line fit. I realize that designers make clothes sometimes for hangers instead of real people. But, Lady Gaga is the new face of Versace. They couldn’t make a dress that didn’t look like it was crushing and smushing her? I think they could have done better. The colors also make her look a little washed out and I don’t like the jewelry elements because they only enhance the poor fit of the gown.


emma roberts 2013 ama

Emma Roberts in Lanvin


I’ve never been a fan of these drapey, droopy, tube dresses. I didn’t like it when I was little and they made Barbie evening gowns that looked like this and I don’t like them now. They just look sloppy and are not figure flattering. Her purse is cute, though.


Zoe Saldana 2013 AMA

Zoe Saldana in Roland Mouret


The panels on this dress really look like patches. It looks like she ripped her and last minute they had to put some blue satin onto the back of the dress. I usually like one-shoulder gowns. But, I don’t like the heavy black strip of fabric on the shoulder of the gown.



Almost Successes

 Taylor Swift 2013 AMA

Taylor Swift in Julien McDonald


Oh, Taylor! This gold dress is almost cute. But, the weird deep v-neck keyhole with the heavy backing makes this dress look like a bad ice skating costume. I love the belt and the flirty detail of the skirt. I just wish that keyhole was filled in with gold sequins and this look would have been a winner! I love her hair and makeup!


sarah silverman 2013 AMA

Sarah Silverman in Lela Rose


I love this color on her! I always shy away from yellow, but now I’m wondering if I can pull it off too. Her accessories, hair and makeup are all great. I like the color and shape of the dress. But, the fit seems to be too tight in the wait and hips, because it is buckling. Also the dress isn’t sitting well on the bust line and has that dreadful compressed look. Designers, please make the celebs wearing your gowns look good! You may make beautiful dresses, but everyone knows that poor fit can hurt the appearance of even a beautiful gown!


Ke$ha 2013 AMA



This is the best I’ve ever seen Ke$ha look. I’m not a fan of the watercolor hair, but at least she’s mostly covered-up. I even almost like her dress. I like asymmetrical, I just feel like the heavily constructed poof is too heavy and fussy for the dress. It’s already a one shoulder gown so mixing in asymmetrical elements can be tricky. If the short side were less fussy, this gown would look great.

He Said:



The American Music Awards is one of the most adventurous nights of fashion through the whole year.  This year the best menswear was the most traditional, and most risk takers just went too far.





image from
image from

Kurt Hugo Schneider- I usually don’t like a square tie, but it works in this look on Kurt.  The star of this outfit though is the vest.

one direction 2013 AMA

One Direction- These guys gave a well-deserved shout out to their stylist on the red carpet.  Here they are looking great in a winter palette of grey and black that looks great.

 austin mahone 2013 AMA

Austin Mahone- I love the monochromatic look here.  All black works well when you’re setting it off with different kinds of black, here shiny versus matte.

  maksim 2013 AMA

Maksim Chmerkovskiy- This suit is amazing.  It definitely has a great fit, and a great tie.





 R. Kelly 2013 AMA

R. Kelly- He appears to be wearing a leather skirt with a zipper on the bottom over his pants.  That’s just wrong.

 marc anthony 2013 AMA

Marc Anthony- This look is too casual for this awards show.  I also didn’t like the jacket.  It would have been bad enough if the whole thing had been plaid, but the fact that the arms are a different color and texture entirely is appalling.  The worst part is that if the whole jacket and been like the arms, the outfit would have been much better

 2 Chainz 2013 AMA

2 Chainz- All the color here is just too much.  It’s so many different bright colors that I can’t even count how many chains he’s wearing.




Almost Successes

 lance bass 2013 AMA

Lance Bass-  I don’t always like bow ties, but Lance wears it well, but the shoes really ruin this look.  Somehow they’re so shiny that they look dirty on the red carpet.

dave grohl 2013 AMA


Dave Grohl- I like this look, except for the lacy jacket.  If it had just been a black jacket, the outfit would have been better.


How did you like the red carpet fashion at the AMA’s?  Were there any of your favorites that we missed?  Was there anything that we didn’t talk about?  Let us know in the comments below.


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