Happy Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Viewing

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Can you believe it’s really almost here? We’re busy today with all kinds of preparations ( cooking, cleaning, etc) for the big day and we bet you are too. I (Kari) like to make everything from scratch so our house is full of energy and our fridge is starting to fill up with good things!

There are 3 rules forĀ  Thanksgiving prep in our house

1. Make everything homemade or as close to homemade as possible

2. Drink lots of water. Thanksgiving prep is hard and it’s important to stay hydrated.

3. Make sure to take breaks by putting your feet up and watching something fun and holiday themed.

Check out our Thanksgiving Viewing list from last year for some great ideas on Thanksgiving-themed episodes and specials!

Have fun cooking, baking and decorating!




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