12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway and Review: The Dairy Godmother

Part of the fun of Christmas is giving. We want to give, you our readers some very special presents because you’ve been so sweet to us this year. So, welcome to our fourth post in our 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway! Throughout the holiday season we’ll be visiting some amazing local businesses, reviewing their best treats and then giving you a chance to win an awesome prize! Merry Christmas and good luck!

One of the yummy display cases at The Dairy Godmother
One of the yummy display cases at The Dairy Godmother

She Said:

Christmastime is here and one of the most fun ways to celebrate this special time of year is with food. Whether you’re making food with friends, eating dinner together and talking over old times, or even if you are shopping for that perfect gift for the foodie in your life- food is a fun part of the holidays. While many people think of cupcakes, cookies and bars, it’s good to remember that there are other slightly more exotic ways to enjoy sweet treats for the holidays. What about frozen custard, marshmallows and frozen truffles? The Dairy Godmother in Alexandria, Virginia makes all kind of nostalgic and unique holiday treats.

This shop is so cute. It’s well decorated and I loved to see all the different offerings from Sugar Plum Fairy Wands for the little princess in your life and even frozen treats for puppies! The windows are heaped with charming holiday offerings and gift ideas from wands, puzzles and even homemade traditional English crackers (you know the fun things that you snap that are filled with goodies)- so much fun and great gift ideas!

We sampled a variety of treats at The Dairy Godmother but my favorites were the homemade marshmallows and the truffles!  The marshmallows are so soft, so sweet and finished with a perfectly powdery dusting of sugar. Wouldn’t a marshmallow make a perfect pillow for a nap?  It seems perfect to use a beautiful holiday confection for a nice winter’s nap, right? There are several different flavors of marshmallows offered, but you can’t go wrong with a simple, classic marshmallow.

A beautiful and pillowy marshamallow
A beautiful and pillowy marshamallow

The truffles were also so delicious that I can’t stop thinking about them. Imagine a crispy chocolate shell stuffed with creamy, dreamy gelato, they are so yummy. The bittersweet chocolate and the eggnog gelato filling combine to make a sweet, luxurious yet not overpowering treat. These truffles are made in variety of flavors (peppermint, eggnog- many others) and they are all filled with different kinds of gelatos and sorbets. 6 truffles are served up in a box and they almost look as if they are tucked in for a nap in their frilly paper holders.

I think all these holiday fun and talk of sweets has made me realize that I seem to have naps on the brain! Maybe I’ll go take a nap and dream of some delicious treats. If I can’t sleep on a marshmallow, I can at least dream about them!

Kari Liked: The Marshmallows and The Eggnog Frozen Truffles

A box full of yummy, frozen goodness
A box full of yummy, frozen goodness


He Said:

It all starts with the frozen custard at the Dairy Godmother.  Some of their treats may not have frozen custard as an ingredient, but it is still at the heart of this local creamery.  It is served in a variety of crazy flavors, in their seasonal snowballs (that are huge, covered in coconut), their truffles, and in sundaes as well.

The day we stopped by they were serving Peppermint Stick Frozen Custard.  It was delicious.  It had a delightful taste of peppermint, and included chunks of peppermint mixed through the custard as well.  You can really taste the care and attention that is paid to every batch.  The flavor of the base custard is deep and rich and shines through the peppermint as well. 

Crunchy, creamy and minty!
Crunchy, creamy and minty!

The truffles were amazing.  We had the eggnog truffles, and they were a perfect little two to three bite combination of eggnog gelato and dark chocolate.  I could have seriously eaten a whole box of these in one sitting.

We also tried Dairy Godmother’s homemade vanilla marshmallow and that was everything you would want from a marshmallow.  It was light and fluffy, and pulled apart well.  It was the perfect consistency, not too gooey or too stiff.

I already want to go back and try different flavors of their custard, truffles and sundaes!

RJ Liked: The frozen custard!

The Coconut Snowball (you can get it with either a chocolate or raspberry sauce-yum)
The Coconut Snowball (you can get it with either a chocolate or raspberry sauce-yum)

Now for the sweet treat that you can win!

The Dairy Godmother is giving one of our lucky readers a box of their frozen truffles (a box contains six)! The value of this prize is $10.95. Just fill out the entry form below and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for extra entries. We’ll announce the winner around noon on Monday, December 23rd.

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You can visit The Dairy Godmother at 2310 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301.

We were provided with samples and the prize offered by The Dairy Godmother for this post. However all opinions are our own.

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