12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway: Dulce’s and Omary’s Bakery and Empanadas

Part of the fun of Christmas is giving. We want to give, you our readers some very special presents because you’ve been so sweet to us this year. So, welcome to our first post in our 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway! Throughout the holiday season we’ll be visiting some amazing local businesses, reviewing their best treats and then giving you a chance to win an awesome prize! Merry Christmas and good luck!

One of the delicious display cases
One of the delicious display cases


She Said:

It’s no secret that I really love food. I especially enjoy spicy food and caramel. After visiting Ducle’s and Omary’s Bakery and Empanadas I can say that I’ve found a home for both. This cute little restaurant tucked in a shopping center in Fairfax delivers food with a major punch!

It was so nice to discover that someone, even with a lot of food allergies and restrictions like myself had plenty of items to eat. There are vegetarian and even gluten free options available. Teresa Hayes, one of the owners and creative forces, is very talented and her love for food and creativity shine through the menu. There are many items that draw from Teresa’s Bolivian heritage, but she’s great with mixing in flavors from other cultures and that’s reflected in the menu.

My delicious empanada. I really meant to get a good picture of the filling, but it was so hard to stop eating it :)
My delicious empanada. I really meant to get a good picture of the filling, but it was so hard to stop eating it :)


I’ve wanted to sample empanadas for a while and I’m so glad that I finally got to try them. If you picture a light, crispy shell housing a delicious pocket of chicken, corn and onions than you have a good picture of a Dulce’s and Omary’s empanada. The shell will be deliciously flaky, the chicken tender, the vegetables perfectly cooked and the spicy sauce will have a well-balanced amount of heat. I enjoy spicy food and these have definite Mexican flavor without being too hot to be enjoyable.   Did you know that there are also sweet empanadas?  The pineapple empanada combines the same flaky, crisp pastry with the familiar sweetness of pineapple.

My favorite thing about eating at Dulce’s and Omary’s is the fact that I’ve found a place that serves so many different and delicious items that feature caramel. Well, technically, dulce de leche, but it’s very similar to caramel, it’s just milkier! I was surprised that I like the alfajores because they have coconut on them, but the cookies were crispy and the dulce de leche was so smooth and sweet that I really enjoyed it.

The Milhojas, crispy sheets of puff pastry with more dulce de leche are so tasty. But, my hands down favorite sweet treat is the Vanilla Tres Leches cake! It’s amazing. The perfectly sweet dense cake with the creamy frosting, dulce de leche and the sweet milk at the bottom are an amazing taste combination. It’s no surprise that this is their most popular cake because it is amazing.

The yummy frosting on the Vanilla Tres Leches Cake
The yummy frosting on the Vanilla Tres Leches Cake

One of the best things about eating and Dulce’s and Omary’s is the fact that you can get a lot of food for a little money. There are a variety of inexpensive items from the bakery section plus combos and specials for meals!

Can I go get an empanada now?

Kari’s Favorites: Southwestern Chicken Empanadas, Milhojas and Vanilla Tres Leches Cake

RJ's new favorite drink, Inca Cola
RJ’s new favorite drink, Inca Kola

He Said:

Teresa Hayes, of Dulce’s and Omary’s Bakery and Empanadas in Fairfax, has been making empanadas and various pastries for years.  She is always working on new and different takes on the classic Latin stuffed pastry.  Dulce’s and Omary’s even offered a Thanksgiving empanada with turkey, stuffing and gravy, and is working on a fried rice stuffed version.  Teresa also makes great cakes and many other pastries.  They are so dedicated to creating fine food that serve the local Latin tastes of this area.  The menu now includes Bolivian entrees with sandwiches coming soon.  She gave us so many wonderful things to try and spent quite a bit of time explaining each and every item.

Look at the beautiful pastry of the saltena
Look at the beautiful pastry of the saltena

The saltenas are amazing.  This traditional Bolivian empanada is loaded with gravy and she serves them in two varieties: chicken and beef.   I had the chicken, which tasted like chicken noodle soup with a kick, wrapped in a light fluffy dough.  The secret to eating this is to bite off one end and then spoon the contents out eating the dough itself like and ice cream cone.  I can’t wait to eat another one!

A closeup of the beautiful layers of the tres leches cake
A closeup of the beautiful layers of the Tres Leches cake

Theresa’s Vanilla Tres Leches Cake is responsible for approximately 80% of the cake orders at Dulce’s and Omary’s.  Theresa developed this recipe herself based on the requests of her customers, and now everyone asks for it.  It’s light and creamy.  The caramel taste was great, but not overpowering.  When you get a single portion, it is served in a pool of condensed milk, which adds an extra sweetness, and different texture at the bottom.

My favorite item of the whole trip was the milhojas.  This pastry made of layers of puff pastry means “thousand sheets.”  Theresa’s has dulce de leche in the middle, which is amazing.  It’s not too sticky, and possibly the best caramel I’ve ever tasted.  I could eat a bag of these!

RJ’s Favorites: Saltenas,  Vanilla Tres Leches Cake, and Milhojas.

Now for the sweet treat that you can win!

Dulce’s and Omary’s  Bakery and Empanadas is giving one of our lucky readers a full size (12 inch) cake for free!  You can get any cake they offer, including the Tres Leches cake that we talked about above.  The value of this prize is $55. Just fill out the entry form below and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for extra entries. We’ll announce the winner around noon on Thursday, December 5th.

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Dulce’s and Omary’s Bakery and Empanadas is located at 3900-C Pickett Road, Fairfax, near the intersection of Pickett Road and Main Street.

We were provided with samples and the prize offered by Dulce’s and Omary’s Bakery and Empanadas for this post. However all opinions are our own.

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