12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway and Review: Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

The cozy interior and just some of the offerings from Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

Part of the fun of Christmas is giving. We want to give, you our readers some very special presents because you’ve been so sweet to us this year. So, welcome to our tenth post in our 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway! Throughout the holiday season (December 1st through January 7th) we’ll be visiting some amazing local businesses, reviewing their best treats and then giving you a chance to win an awesome prize! Merry Christmas and good luck!

The cozy interior and just some of the offerings from Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe
The cozy interior and just some of the offerings from Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

She Said:

I have become much more adventurous about food in the past ten years. I’m grateful to RJ for encouraging me to try new things. You have to try new things to find new favorites. I recently discovered a new favorite place to eat in Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe, where they serve not only robust and decadent sweets, but also amazing sausages and bread. I can’t wait to go visit again.

I’ve never been a big fan of bratwurst, and I can be picky about liking sausage in general. But the wursts at Heidelberg Pasty Shoppe are amazing. They have a perfectly dense texture that is so flavorful and delectable. I was absolutely amazed how much I enjoyed the Bratwurst an the Bauernwurst. I do prefer the Bauernwurst because of it’s spicy flavor. The sauerkraut, curried ketchup and mustard were all tasty individually and worked together to make the wurst even more delicious. The potato salad is also perfectly cooked and the freshness of dill further rounds out the taste of the meal.

Their breads are also delicious.  The Laugen Pretzel is a large twisted creation of perfectly salty, moist on the inside, chewy on the outside dough. The Laugen Brochten is a pretzel roll that marries the best of the pretzel with the best parts of a sandwich roll. My favorite bread was the Multigrain Roll with its rich, earthy flavor and crispy nuts and seeds coating.

Apple-Raisin Studel
Apple-Raisin Studel

In addition to the wonderful sausages and sandwiches they also serve a wide variety of cookies, candies and treats. They make everything from sweet petit fours to all manner of truffles and even gorgeous marzipan creations. Standouts in the cookies and treats department for me are the lacy, crispy Florentine Cookies filled with milk, dark or white chocolate. These cookies make the perfect marriage between crunchy and sweet. Don’t forget to get a piece of Strudel too, studded with raisins, with sweet apples and flaky pastry!

The Black Forest Cake is highlight of any Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe experience. It is so moist and rich in chocolate flavor that it almost melts in your mouth. The addition of feather light whipped cream and slightly tart, sweet cherries make the cake disappear even faster from your plate.

I am so excited to visit Heidelberg again and look forward to visiting especially in the summer when they BBQ outside!

Kari Liked: The Black Forest Cake, the Florentine Cookies, the Multi Grain Bread, the Bauernwurst Sausage, and Strudel

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He Said: 

Anything bad you’ve heard about German food is slander. It gets a bad wrap in this country, but when done well, it’s amazing. I found this out at Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe. Heidelberg is far more than a pastry shop; it’s also a deli serving delicious sausages and accompaniments. This was such an eye opening experience for me.

We tried so much it would be impossible to talk about it all. The Laugen pretzels were amazing. They had a few different kinds of bread that just blew my mind including multigrain, Laugen Brochten and the Brochten. One thing that I was amazed by was the wonderful sausage. I always thought German sausage would be scary, but the Bauernwurst and Bratwurst were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. They were so full of balanced flavor that it was just so enjoyable. The sides were unbelievable too. German potato salad made me see the logic in using Dill in foods other than pickles, and the sauerkraut had more acid than the bland varieties found locally, and little pieces of pork in it! The condiments were great too. The curry ketchup and mustard made standard versions pale in comparasion.

RJ loves pretzels!
RJ loves pretzels!

But what about the sweets you ask? Rest assured they’re amazing too. The Black Forest cake features the richest chocolate I’ve ever had and a layer of chopped up cherries in it. It’s not jam; it’s real fruit in this cake! They served us a marzipan pig that was so cute. I loved the Hammentashen (both poppy seed and raspberry). The Florentine cookies they serve are awesome in any of the three flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate.

Wow, there’s so much to love at Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe, when can I go back and get some more?

RJ Liked: Curry Ketchup, Bratwurst, Black Forest Cake, Hammentashen

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Now for the sweet treat that you can win!


Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe is giving one of our lucky readers a fabulous prize! The winner will receive a 9 inch Black Forest Cake.  Just fill out the entry form below and make sure to follow us on Facebook. You can also answer a question, plus follow us Twitter and Pinterest for extra entries. We’ll announce the winner around 12:00pm on Monday, January 6th.

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We visited Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe at their location in Arlington, Virgina,


We were provided with samples and the prize offered by Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe for this post. However all opinions are our own.

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