The Last Look

The Last Look at Michener Museum
The Last Look at Michener Museum

She Said:

Grace Kelly was given a fabulous farewell when she set sail for Monaco many years ago with a wardrobe fit for a princess. The Grace Kelly Exhibit, From Philadelphia to Monaco: GRACE KELLY- Beyond the Icon, was given a very fashionable send off Monday night by showcasing some talented young designers. The Michener Art Musuem, which has been home to the wonderful Grace Kelly exhibit, played host for The Last Look viewing party. What a lovely night!

It was wonderful to have a last chance to view such a truly breathtaking exhibit. I was grateful for the chance to soak in just once more glimpse of the High Society wedding gown and the Bayarede dress. After viewing the exhibit one last time and lingering at some favorite pieces, we entered the event space. The Michener Art Museum’s event space is truly stunning. The beautiful windows and stone walls make you feel like you are truly in a castle. It’s a beautiful, but warm atmosphere. Really, what better place to have a send off for a beautiful and warm person like Grace Kelly?

We recently learned about the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, at Macy’s City Center,a marvelous program that promotes and encourages young designers. We were so happy to know that their Designers-in-Residence were going to be creating fashion inspired by Grace Kelly. The designers did not disappoint and created some truly wonderful garments.

My favorite creation was by Devin Pauley for her Morgia Bridal line. This dress was stunning and I circled it about 100 times throughout the course of the evening. It  was so lovely, it was just like seeing something from a dream . The dress with its lace and pearl bodice was elegant perfectly cut. The hand-painted flowers on the skirt were so stunning and sweet. We’re planning a series soon that I can’t wait to share with you and I’m hoping that I’ll be working with Devin soon.  Her gowns are truly exquisite and you can check out more of Devin’s line Morgia Bridal Couture here.

Grace Kelly inspired creation by Morgia Bridal Couture
Grace Kelly inspired creation by Morgia Bridal Couture

Leah Delfiner, another Designer-in-Residence, looked so stylish and perfectly rock and roll that I had to tell her how fabulous she looked. And I asked if I could take her picture to show you exactly how beautiful and fly the best-dressed woman of the night looked. Leah’s line Pretty Pretty Rebel features bright and beautifully whimsical clothes and you can check it out here. I could make an awesome wish list just looking at her site!

Leah Delfiner of Pretty Pretty Rebel
Leah Delfiner of Pretty Pretty Rebel- How fabulous is her dress?

Grace Kelly, a beautiful atmosphere, great food and nice people. The Michener Museum really knows how to throw a party!

Kari Liked: Everything, it was a wonderful event!

Kari Didn’t Like: I can’t think of anything

Devin Pauley with Grace Kelly inpsired dress by Morgia Bridal Couture
Designer Devin Pauley shows off (the dress I’m completely obsessed with) her Grace Kelly inspired creation from Morgia Bridal Couture.

He Said:

As awesome as it was to get to see the exhibit From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly- Beyond the Icon, this special event was just as awesome! It was great to get to see everything and soak it all in just one more time. Also really cool were the designs we got to see for the first time anywhere inspired by Grace and designed by Designers-in-Residence at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.

My favorite dresses were by Trisha Williams and Annina King. Trisha brought a dress, which she covered in gorgeous gold sequins. She also included a gold belt and topped it all off with a gold lion’s head on the belt. It felt at once both forward and classic. Her personal style was very apparent, but it was still reminiscent of Grace Kelly. This was a great showing. You can find more of Trisha’s designs on her website, Trish Will, here

Trisha Williams with her Grace Kelly inspired creation by Trisha Will
Trisha Williams with her Grace Kelly inspired creation by Trisha Will

Annina King brought a beautiful pairing of a dress and a long coat. The coat had several stunning features, but the first that I noticed was the graduated buttons going from bigger to smaller as you went up the front of the coat. The coat also featured very organic stitching reminiscent of leaves. It was very retro, and you could just imagine Grace wearing something like this. If you’d like to see more from Annina, you can check out her website, Granate Couture here.

Annina King with her Grace Kelly inspired creation from Granate Couture
Annina King with her Grace Kelly inspired creation from Granate Couture

I’m so thankful that the Michener Art Museum invited us back for this event. It was a great way to get one last look at some artifacts I didn’t think I’d ever get to see once, let alone twice. It was also so great to see some young designers show us their take on these classic ideas.

RJ Liked: Getting to see the new designs, and take a few minutes to talk to the designers

RJ Didn’t Like: I honestly can’t think of anything.

(The Michener Musuem provided complimentary media tickets for this event. However all opinions are our own.)

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