Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever! – Baby #2


We’ve a wonderful Valentine’s Day all because of some wonderful news we received on the 13th of February. I (Kari) shared this status on my Facebook wall.

BEST VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT EVER!!!!!!!!! I’m pregnant again!!!!!!!!!!! We thought so and had even talked with my doctor on Monday and I got a positive test today. I’m feeling so bad, which is very good. Because of the problems with Taylor we would like to ask for a lot of prayer for me and for this new little life (RJ too, but his job is easier.)  But, I really hope our little sweet pea, that they will be safe and grow and make mommy feel lousy because they are flourishing! We wanted this baby, hoped for this baby, prayed for this baby and now we’ve been blessed. Our hearts are so full. Baby #2 due October 24, 2014 (4 weeks today!)
We thank everyone for their prayers ask for continued prayers and offer so much praise to God for this new miracle!

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

We’re so thrilled to be pregnant again. It’s such a big blessing and we’re so excited. Naturally, only being five months out from loosing our daughter, Taylor, we’re a little more concerned and anxious. Okay, fine, I’m a very nervous. But, I want to enjoy this pregnancy and I want this baby so badly. I have a feeling that God will be leading me on another big faith journey with this baby, just like he did with Taylor. I just hope that we’ll end up with a healthy baby and healthy mommy when October rolls around!

We thank all our readers for your support during the loss of Taylor and ask for your continued prayers for both my health and especially this new little life! We’ll keep you posted on all our developments!

I’m ready to go celebrate my best Valentine’s Day gift ever! Or maybe have some ginger ale and a nap!





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