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tasting at Co Co. Sala

She Said:

We love chocolate and Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to cast your eyes, mind and palate toward chocolate consumption. After recently attending a tasting at Co Co. Sala, a DC area eatery and chocolate boutique, I fear I will never be the same chocolate eater as before. We learned so much from sitting down and talking to Executive Chef Santosh Tiptur, that I have a whole new appreciation for chocolate. Co Co. Sala combines knowledge of chocolate, a commitment to quality and creativity to make some of the best tasting and best-made chocolates that I’ve ever eaten.

At Co Co. Sala they make all their chocolate creations in small batches, without using preservatives so when you taste these treats you are really tasting the chocolate itself. Instead of just dumping loads of sugar into their chocolates they craft them very carefully to bring out the flavors of chocolate from different regions. It’s amazing to sample chocolates of different cacao percentages because they truly do have different flavors. Some chocolates tasty earth, some floral and some even have the pop of red fruits. It’s very interesting to branch out and try different kinds of sweets and something that I definitely recommend people should try.

There were so many delicious chocolates that I can’t easily pick favorites. I loved the white chocolate and milk chocolate, of course. But, I also really loved the “blonde” chocolate. It’s a white chocolate that’s allowed to caramelize. Caramel is one of my favorite things, but to taste the caramelized flavor emanating from the chocolate itself was a very special and decadent experience. I also love the PB&J bonbon that we raved about from the Metro Cooking Show. My new favorite bonbon is the Rosemary Caramel. The filling bursts with spicy, herby rosemary and enriches the sweet milk of the caramel and the thin chocolate shell is the perfect vessel to contain the rich flavor. 

Anti VDay Heart Co Co. Sala
Anti VDay Heart

Everyone is so busy these days and finding a way to work in something romantic and special for Valentine’s Day can be hard to do. But, Co Co. Sala makes it easy to bring a bit of delicious romance to your into your life. Whether it’s with chocolate lips, bonbons or barks there are so many yummy treats that would bring a little chocolate to your Valentine’s Day. RJ was eyeing the chocolate covered bacon; I was enthralled with the idea of their salted caramel cocoa pops and white chocolate strawberry bark. There are great options if you are sharing it with your sweetheart and they even have anti-Valentine’s Day chocolates so those who don’t enjoy the holiday can still enjoy chocolate!

Co Co. Sala is delicious anytime of the year and I look forward to learning about chocolate in the best way possible, by eating it!

Kari Liked: So much of the chocolate we had at Co Co. Sala was delicious, but my favorites were the blonde chocolate, the PB &J chocolate, the Rosemary Caramel.

Aphrodisi Bark Co Co. Sala
Aphrodisi Bark

He Said:

Co Co. Sala Executive Chef Santosh Tiptur has forever changed the way I will eat chocolate.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chef Tiptur and going through the different kinds of chocolates that Co Co. Sala uses, and some of the different bon bons he creates using such delicious ingredients.

chocolate boutique co co. sala
Some of the delicious barks and other treats from Co Co. Sala

Most people just chomp right into chocolate, but Santosh informed us that the best way to eat chocolate is to let it melt in your mouth, and sure enough, we could taste more of the flavors of each chocolate.  It didn’t hurt either that Co Co. Sala uses some of the finest chocolates from around the world.  The other neat thing that Chef Tiptur pointed out was that the higher the percentage of cacao, the more you can taste where each chocolate is from.  I loved all of the chocolates that they use, but the one that was most surprising to me was the cousin of white chocolate that I’d never heard of before: blonde.  It has such a natural caramel taste that was just a joy.

We got the opportunity to try some of Co Co. Sala’s bon bons as well.  My favorites were the peanut butter and jelly with its light and smooth gelee, and the 72% cacao with its deep, rich, surprisingly berry flavor. I was astonished at how much I liked the earl grey flavor since I usually don’t like tea.

If you haven’t got reservations at Co Co. Sala, or somewhere equally as fancy yet for Valentine’s Day, you can still buy some of their chocolates for your loved one.  In addition to their regulars, they have a variety of Valentine’s specific chocolates that you can view here.  I especially liked the pomegranate chocolate lips in the Chocolate Kisses box were really good.

Chocolate Lips Co Co. Sala
Chocolate Lips Co Co. Sala

I can’t wait to try everything they offer!  Thanks to Santosh, it’s goodbye to cheap chocolate for the Rothsteins, and hello to the good stuff, even if we can’t afford as much of it!

RJ liked: The blonde chocolate, the creaminess of the white chocolate, the PB&J bon bon.  I could go on all day.

(Co Co. Sala did provide samples for this post, however all opinions are our own.)

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