2014 Stars on Ice Tour

The He Said She Said Experience- The 2014 Stars on Ice cast credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice
The 2014 Stars on Ice cast
credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice


She Said:

Figure Skating has always been one of my favorite things in the whole world. I used to anticipate watching it on television and one of my favorite programs to watch every year was always the Stars on Ice tour special. Aside from always showcasing an amazing group of skaters, Stars on Ice also features fabulous choreography and costumes. It was always so exciting to see which skaters would be performing what routines! This year we were thrilled to attend a performance of Stars on Ice and get to witness the magic of the tour in person.

Stars on Ice is featuring a truly talented number of skaters from members of the 2014 bronze medal winning U. S. Figure Skating Team (some skaters vary by city, you can see who’s scheduled for a city near you on the Stars on Ice website here) and other favorites such as as Mirai Nagasu, Alissa Czisny and Ryan Bradley. Plus, in every city Olympic gold medalists in ice dancing Meryl Davis and Charlie White will be performing. Did I mention that they are performing a breathtaking version of their “Scheherazade” program that they one the gold medal for? Their Rachmaninoff program is also elegant and I don’t know how to choose a favorite of the programs that they skated.

The He Said She Said Experience- Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir cast credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice
Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir
credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice

There were so many great routines skated by these talented skaters that it’s very hard to pick favorites. We’re crazy about Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir (you can read an interview that we had with them later this week) and always love seeing them perform. Their “Royals” program is always dynamic and a thrill to watch. Max Aaron is another of our favorite skaters and his energy and talent fueled by the music of One Direction had the audience clapping along and cheering. Gracie Gold is so talented and her beautiful program skated to Frozen’s  “Let it Go” was captivating and inspiring. Her costume was also so impressively beaded that she really looked like an ice queen.

While all the group numbers were fun (especially the boys group number) my favorite group number was the girls group number. Dress a bunch of my favorite skaters up as ballerinas and have them skate to an ethereal version of a pop song and I’m in!

If you have a passion for figure skating this Stars on Ice tour is not to be missed! It’s entertaining and breathtaking. 

Kari Liked: The fabulous group numbers and seeing such a talented group of skaters performing both classical and fun routines. Everything!

Kari Didn’t Like: No complaints from me! I loved it!

The He Said She Said Experience- Kari and Charlie White at Stars on Ice
It was also really awesome to meet Charlie White and get my picture with him!

He Said:

While I’m relatively new to the sport, I am definitely enjoying following and covering figure skating. I loved watching the Olympics and rooting for team USA, but what I loved even more are exhibitions where the skaters skate without any rules. Stars on Ice managed to combine what I enjoyed about each of those events with the entire Olympic team, performing great exhibitions.

I’d never been to Stars on Ice before, and was blown away by how amazing the performances were. I can’t talk about everybody I enjoyed, but I’ll try and talk a little about what I enjoyed most without just listing them.

Kari and I have both talked about how much we appreciate Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir’s “Royals” routine, and this performance was the best we’d seen yet. These guys are awesome!  Speaking of great pop music, Ryan Bradley won a fan in me with both of his numbers; a reflective number to “Wake Me Up” by Aviici, and the other a raucous routine to a rock medley featuring Poison, Guns N’ Roses and Twisted Sister. His jumps are something to behold, and he has a great sense of showmanship. He reminds me of Scott Hamilton in how he doesn’t take himself too seriously either.

Max Aaron performed a really energetic performance to One Direction’s “That What Makes You Beautiful” that had every girl in the arena screaming her head off. It was super fun to see him at Stars on Ice. Also moving was Mirai Nagasu’s beautiful and emotive take on Imagine Dragons’ “Demons.” She’s really channeled recent hardships she’s endured into a solid piece of art that really sticks with you. We were lucky enough to get interviews with both of these great skaters and you’ll see those here soon!

The He Said She Said Experience- Guys Group Number credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice
Guys Group Number
credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice

All of the men (Jeremy Abbott, Brent Bemmentre, Ryan Bradley, Josh Farris, Charlie White) performed a joyfully exuberant version of “The Walker” which was colorful, fun and just really cool.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White even showed us an edited version of their Gold Medal winning “Scheherazade.” It was just breathtaking. It’s still every bit as magical when they aren’t skating for judges.

The costumes at Stars on Ice are really spectacular. I loved just about every one. Especially for the group numbers, and Gracie Gold’s sparkly costume for “Let It Go.” Pictures and film can’t do this outfit justice with just how shimmery it is.

There’s so much more that was great that I couldn’t even squeeze into this. It was such a wonderful event.

RJ Liked: Just about everything, but it was a joy to get to see Davis and White, and the group numbers.

RJ Didn’t Like: I can’t think of a thing.

The He Said She Said Experience- The 2014 Stars on Ice cast credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice
2014 Stars on Ice cast
credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice

Check out more info about Stars on Ice on their official website here.

Stars on Ice provided us with two complimentary media tickets for this review, however all opinions are our own.

All images unless otherwise noted belong to The He Said She Said Experience


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