Interview: Mirai Nagasu and Max Aaron

We recently had the chance to spend a few minutes with Mirai Nagasu and Max Aaron. It was awesome to get a chance to talk to them, find out what it’s like touring with Stars on Ice (you can also check out our review of this excellent show) and most importantly get some advice for our potential future skater, Baby G.

The He Said She Said Experience- Mirai Nagasu- credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice
Mirai Nagasu
credit: Sharon Stipple/ Stars on Ice

Kari: How exciting is it being on tour? Is it different for you guys from training? How does it compare to your training schedule? Is it more fun?

Max Aaron: Touring the ice is a lot smaller. You don’t get to jump as much, but I make it happen. I’m trying some quad loops and trying to get it done. Might as well make it happen. I enjoy being on the ice. I’m inspired every time I step on the ice with these guys. You never know who’s going to do what. You don’t have the opportunity to do that a lot, and it’s neat. It’s fun.

Mirai Nagasu: It’s so much fun. Especially for me because I get to know the skaters more on a personal level and I feel like we don’t get to do that at the competitions. Especially for singles skaters, where you’re so focused on yourself that when you get to tour it just takes the edge off everything. We’ve been playing games on the buses and it’s really brought us together. It’s been a lot of fun.

Kari: It seems like you guys are having so much fun!

Mirai Nagasu: I’ve even been learning a little bit of pairs. It’s so much different from jumping by yourself. It’s a hard transition. It’s so fun.

RJ: I had one crazy weird question: If you were a superhero, what superhero would you be?

Max Aaron: I like Batman. I’m not going to lie. I liked Batman as a kid. So Batman is who I’d be.

Mirai Nagasu: This is such a hard question.

Max Aaron: Be Superwoman.

Mirai Nagasu: No!

Max Aaron: I would date her.

Mirai Nagasu: That’s sexist. I would want to be the Flash.

Kari: That’s a good one!

RJ: Kari is 14 weeks pregnant. What advise do you have to our potential future skater?

Max Aaron: Whatever you do, go all the way for it, don’t hold back. As parents and as a skater, whatever kind of skater it may be. Full out. Go for it. Don’t hold back. You’ll regret it when you get older.

Mirai Nagasu: I’m a singles skater so… It’s a rough journey. Every one of our experiences is different, but at least let them find whatever they’re excited to do.

Kari: I want to expose them to everything, and let them try and see what they like.

Mirai Nagasu: I feel like it’s the parent job to try to like expose them to the whole world, and for the kid to find something that they really enjoy, to select as their future. It’s in their hands. I feel like we’re all jealous, because we chose this. Everyone has their own hardships, but to still have that choice is like the doors are endless.

The He Said She Said Experience- Kari and Max Aaron
Kari and Max Aaron
photo credit: The He Said She Said Experience

Kari: What’s your favorite program that you’ve ever had? Of all your programs, what’s your absolute favorite?

Max Aaron: I’d pick the one that I won with, West Side Story.

Kari: I loved the West Side Story program!

Max Aaron: I enjoyed it. It started off from the beginning of the season and I was just going for broke. Really going for it all. I wanted to do something or I was going to leave the sport. There was no holding back. I went for it. I kind of started out with a tough guy attitude. I had stones on my red shirt and everyone talks about it. I had stones on it. I remember my first event was at Salt Lake City, and the night before the event I picked all the stones off. I don’t want to wear stones. I don’t like to wear the crystals. I like to be simple.

Kari: I like that about your style.

Max Aaron: I want the skating to speak for itself. The whole thing. It’s too flashy with the crystals and this and that. So I picked all the stones off and ever since then, it stayed. Red shirt, red shirt. Be a tough guy. I enjoyed West Side Story program

Kari: I don’t even like West Side Story, but it was so good!

Max Aaron: I didn’t want to skate to it the whole time, and then Chris Foley came around and said no, no trust me let’s do it, and it blew up from there. I really just built my confidence and then the jumps were happening for that time and I did it over and over.

Kari: It’s an awesome program. What is your favorite part of skating? Do you like performing?

Max Aaron: I love it all! From the jumps to the spins, to the competing to the pressure, to doing shows and making me feel kind of special. I really enjoy working out. I love it. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to do after skating with IronMans I would love to do IronMans. Do some triathlete stuff. I’d love to do some bodybuilding stuff, not get huge, but kind of just do a little bit of everything. You know, why not? I’m a young guy, right now. I also want to do a lot of things outside of skating with my career of choice. I want to get into business finance right now, and I want move to New York and work in a big finance firm and from there hopefully get into real estate and buy some real estate and into commercial real estate and then I’d love to have a few couple houses or little condos in California, Arizona, New York, Italy. I want to do it all! Everything I can, you know, see what life’s ahead of me.

RJ: That is so cool.

Kari: That’s a good attitude to have.

Max Aaron: I want to accomplish so many things before I move on. Life’s really short. Figure skating is like life in general, you never know when you’re time’s going to be up. So I want to do as many things as I can, and leave as many people as I can happy. If I can make them happy with skating, or working at a finance firm, or a real estate company, I’m just going to do it as big as I can.

We’re such big fans of Mirai Nagasu and Max Aaron both on and off the ice! We look forward to seeing what the future holds for both of them and we hope we to chat with them again!

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