Food Network Star: Season Ten Mid-season Review

food network star 4th of july demo
The contestants race to create food for a 4th of July demo

She Said:

Earlier this summer we wrote about how much we were enjoying one the newest installment of Food Network Star. However, I’m afraid in the past few weeks we’ve grown more and more tired of the show. I actually had to ask RJ who got eliminated last night. It made that little impact on me!


There are so many problems with this season. It could take quite awhile to list them.


I don’t like the cast. Well, that’s not entirely true. Many of them seem like fine people. But, I don’t know if they belong on television. Some of them can’t cook tasty food and some of them can’t teach how to make food. How are you going to host a cooking show?


Lenny started out the frontrunner and I probably still like him best. Was it me or did it seem totally staged that he prepped all his grouper? He’s clearly the star of the bunch. I even remembered him from Guy’s Grocery Games. But, it seemed odd and fake that he would have made that kind of mistake.


I really liked Loreal but they’ve messed with her style and her delivery so much that I don’t know if she’s a contender for my favorite anymore. And she doesn’t season meat? What?! I also really hate the “butcher babe” concept. I’m all for being a strong woman, but I don’t want to learn any skills from a woman who brand herself as a “babe” just to get a TV show.


The challenges are too complicated, they are using such a limited pantry (seriously, Food Network Star– canned crab) and they aren’t fun to watch. I don’t really feel invested in these people or their POVs. For me, this season of Food Network Star is a total flop!


Kari Liked: Nothing. Bad food, bad challenges and this season is completely unmemorable for me.


Kari Didn’t Like: Everything. But, I always really look forward to the 4th of July episode and they ruined even that, so that makes me extra annoyed!

Chef Reuben spent time cooking in the little kitchen during the Cutthroat Kitchen challenge.
Chef Reuben spent time cooking in the little kitchen during the Cutthroat Kitchen challenge.

He Said:


This year Food Network Star has really disappointed me. It seems more fake than it ever has. The contestants seem more like characters than ever. Even the mentors seem like they’re overacting, especially my favorite mentor, Alton Brown. His performance is still the most memorable, but it seems like he’s playing to the camera.


The format of this year is all over the place. Sometimes there are mentor challenges, sometimes there aren’t, with no explanation of why or why not. Also, why is there less of Bob and Susie than ever? It seems far-fetched to me that they would leave the decision of who to give a show on their network up to talent. Some of their most successful talent yes, but talent nonetheless.


Since the last time we’ve talked about this show, they’ve had a rather predictable Cutthroat Kitchen challenge (where there was no presenting), a tour of the kitchen video challenge (with a tip, but no cooking), a YouTube marketing challenge (plenty of product placement, but still no cooking), and finally a cooking demo (but no mentor challenge). Of these, the most amusing was the Cutthroat Kitchen, but only because I’m a sucker for the Little Kitchen.


They’ve continued to send home people that never even should have been on the show in the first place, and haven’t touched any of the real hopefuls yet. All the while, the contestants have been given makeovers, and some have started to tweak their POV’s in inorganic ways, which is starting to make me wonder, how much of this is even real?


RJ Liked: The Little Kitchen

RJ Didn’t Like: The makeovers

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