Baby G- 24 Week Update

24 Weeks- On Saturday...
24 Weeks- On Saturday…

She Said:

Wow, I can’t believe that I’m 24 weeks pregnant! These past six months have flown by. I am so excited to think in just another few months Baby G will be here! I love our little boy so much.


We recently had my 24-week checkup and we’re both doing good. He’s measuring well and he’s got a good, strong heartbeat. I love hearing that beautiful little heartbeat! My health is doing okay too. We’d had a small hiccup with my TSH but thankfully in just two weeks time we got it back under control. I had a little protein in my test, but we hope that’s going to be fixed with upping my fluid intake. It was just a tiny trace, but preeclampsia is one of my biggest fears, so I’m praying that next time it will be gone. When I go for my 28-week checkup I am having the dreaded glucose test. I’ve heard some really bad things about how awful it tastes. Any tips from mommies out there on how to make the experience a little easier?


I’m so big and I absolutely love it! He’s grown so much in the past few weeks. My weight gain is right on target and because of how much weight I lost during the first trimester I’m still two pounds lighter than when I first got pregnant. But, I’m gaining at a good safe pace so that he’s getting plenty of nutrition. For the most part I’m still wearing my own clothes. I really hope that I can get some more maternity clothes soon, because I’m really, really going to need them soon. And I really need to find a good maternity bathing suit. It’s so hard to find a good one. For some reason a lot of suits are strapless or two-piece and I’m really not a fan of either of those things in a bathing suit.


I love to spend time just sitting with Baby G and holding my belly. Now that I’ve started monitoring his fetal movement we have that time every day. But, I love feeling him as I move around during the day. He usually kicks me awake in the morning and it always makes me happy. He’s really strong and sometimes his kicks take my breath away. I love our little fellow so much. RJ’s even felt him kick now and that was a very special moment.


Because he moves so much we’re starting to understand some of his likes and dislikes. He doesn’t like it when mommy has to stand too long in line or in the kitchen. He loves Rocky. He loves the music and he loves the story. He kicked every few minutes the entire time we watched it. Baby G also seems to love patriotic music. When we watched the fireworks on the 4th of July (on television- I wasn’t going into the city pregnant), he kicked the entire time patriotic music was on. Since then I’ve played “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and he’ll kick when he hears it. It’s so cute! We definitely have a little patriot and maybe a future president? He also loves, loves, loves Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot!


We appreciate all the prayers and support so much! We’re so excited for our little one. Please keep all 3 of us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery! I can’t wait to bring our little chicken nugget home! I’m so grateful to God for our beautiful son!

....and on Sunday. He grew more overnight!
….and on Sunday. He grew more overnight!

He Said:


The time sure has flown since we found out we were pregnant! It’s so crazy to think how soon our little man is going to be here! Everything’s going good, and he still looks super healthy. He’s moving a lot more, and I’ve actually been able to feel some of the movements. It’s really cool. I’m so excited. I’m so looking forward to all the things I’m going to get to teach and do with my son. I never thought I’d be able to say that, it’s just amazing.

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