Date Night: Rocky and Stromboli

We’re starting a new series today about date nights! Every couple knows that date nights are extremely important. We all lead such busy lives and are under so much pressure. It’s important to take time to spend with your sweetheart and just relax. We’ve really missed being able to go out for date nights, between being pregnant and being broke, but we decided that we could have date night every single week. From the comfort of our own living room. Every week we’ll be sharing what we do for our date night that week (usually dinner and a movie). A date night for under $10 dollars, how much better could that be?

The He Said She Said Experience- Date Night- Rocky and Stromboli
Our delicious stromboli!


She Said:

I’ve been excited to watch Rocky ever since we saw the Tony Awards this year. I’ve also really missed date nights with RJ. Money is super, super, and ultra tight right now. Plus, there are things that I can’t or won’t eat now because of being pregnant with Baby G. But, when RJ asked me to have a date night with him (after a very stressful week), I was elated. I missed having special time together, especially special relax time. We love to watch movies, try new recipes and frankly nowhere is more comfortable for me right now than my own living room. It would be perfect we could have a date night at home! And since we’re watching movies we own (or perhaps sometime in the future using the DVR or Netflix) and cooking our own meals I knew we could actually afford to do it.


Now there are two things that I love to incorporate into almost all my planning: themes and my 101 lists. I love themes! They make everything more fun. So, for the most part our date nights will have themes. You may have heard me mention my 101 things in 1001 days list before (basically it’s a very specific, very focused bucket list that you create and work through for two and half years), in other posts. One of the items that I put on the list was about trying new recipes (both from Pinterest and other places) and now that I’m able to cook again, I want to try all the simple, yummy recipes that I can.


For our first date night we watched Rocky and I made a delicious stromboli.


Rocky was wonderful! I wasn’t expecting it to have so much sweetness to it. Yes, the fighting can get a bit intense and I didn’t like some of the salty language. But, I loved the love story between Rocky and Adrian, the music was wonderful and the movie is truly inspirational. The characters are so rich and the performances are well done. I was totally impressed and actually want to see some of the other Rocky movies now too. I’ve also added both “Gonna Fly Now” and “Eye of the Tiger” to my Baby G playlist! He was moving so much during Rocky; I think he’s a fan too!


I wanted to make something that reflected Philadelphia but I didn’t have the time or expense of cheesesteaks. I did some research and found that there are claims that stromboli was invented near Philadelphia. I made a pepperoni stromboli inspired by the recipe from Food Marriage (you can find the recipe here). I used a little less cheese and added Italian seasoning blend (because it was already in my pantry) and the results were great. It was spicy without being overwhelming. The stromboli gave us a totally filling dinner and we had enough leftover for lunch after church on Sunday! The crust is delicious, but next time I would skip the egg white coating and use oil instead because it was terrible to get the egg off the pan. I also used a homemade dough (cheaper and better for you) from a recipe that I got from Kayotic Kitchen (you can find the recipe here); it’s the best pizza dough ever! I also warmed up a little of my doctored up marinara sauce as a dipping sauce and that was a nice addition.


We already owned Rocky because we had purchased it from a discount bin years ago, so the movie was free. I probably spent about $6.00 on cheese and pepperoni. I used spices, oil, eggs that were already in my pantry too, so the cost may vary depending on what’s in your own pantry. But, we got two very filling meals out of this recipe and I’m making another stromboli tonight with the leftover pepperoni so this was definitely a cost effective date night!


I loved this so much. I’m going anticipate it every Saturday night (plus the leftover wills make for a more restful Sunday), it’s so much fun. Can’t wait to share next weeks date with you.


Kari Liked: Everything. The movie was good and the food was delicious.


Kari Didn’t Like: I can’t think of a complaint except that I wish I had a footstool. I like cuddling on the couch, but this mama needs to keep her feet up! Maybe we can make a footstool? How’s that for a date night project?


The He Said She Said Experience- Date Night- Rocky and Stromboli
The inside of our delicious stromboli!

He Said:


This was such a fun night! We’d been talking more and more about watching Rocky since a day trip to Philadelphia last year. Hearing all about Rocky The Musical only intensified things. I finally just asked Kari out on a date to see Rocky, which I already own. She added the idea about making the Stromboli; a Philadelphia specialty that I’m sure Balboa himself enjoyed plenty of.


Even though I owned it, I’d never actually watched this movie, and it was great. It was very motivational and exciting. It’s so heartwarming how Rocky and Adrian help each other and support each. They really do fill in each other’s gaps. And of course the fight scene at the end is awesomely done. Everyone involved deserved their Oscar nominations.


The stromboli that Kari prepared was amazing. I love bread, pepperoni and cheese, but this really combines them in a different way than a pizza. You definitely get some of everything in every bite and that balance is wonderful. It’s also very filling and we easily got two meals out of it. It didn’t need any dipping sauce, but the one Kari prepared was great, and the icing on the cake. I’m so glad she came up with this recipe.


RJ Liked: Everything-The movie was great, and the Stromboli was such a good idea!

RJ Didn’t Like: Nothing. I can’t wait for Date Night this weekend, and I can’t wait to have another stromboli

The He Said She Said Experience- Date Night- Rocky and Stromboli
The movie of the night- a total winner!


You can find all our favorite date night recipes and movie recommendations on our Pinterest board- follow us and keep with our date nights!

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  1. Great idea! I love at home dates! One question do you mix the egg yolk with the seasonings or just throw the yolks away?

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