Labor Playlist 2- Active Labor Playlist

Kari and Baby G- 31 weeks!

Yesterday, I shared with you my playlist for the part of labor where I’m supposed to stay relaxed. Today, we’re getting down to business with my active labor playlist. This playlist has a lot of energizing music that will help me stay focused and keep working hard. (Well, again it’s is a sampling of the list, the whole list has over a hundred tracks.)


Brighter Than the Sun- Colbie Calliat

This song is so happy!


Our God and All My Fountains– Chris Tomlin

I need some praise music and these up-tempo Chris Tomlin songs should do the trick.


Victory in Jesus– Tony Weeks

I’ve always loved this hymn and this version has enough swing and bounce to make it extra-energizing.


We Got the Beat– The Go-Go’s

Baby G loves this song (check out his favorite music playlist )and I do too!


You Got the Love- Candi Stanton

People may remember this song from the finale of a popular show, but it’s truly a beautiful and inspiring praise song.


Rocky Top- Osborne Brothers

This song takes me back to field days when I was a little girl and gets me ready to compete. I figure that could be a good strategy for delivery, right?


Haven’t Met You Yet- Michael Buble

I always cry thinking about my sweet Baby G, in a good way, when I hear this song. But, when I hear it in the delivery room I think it will help me keep focused on meeting my boy!


Don’t Stop- Fleetwood Mac

Hello, total optimism and encouragement song!


Suspicious Minds- Elvis Presley

What can I say? The boy and I both love Elvis.


Eye of the Tiger- Survivor and Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)

We also both LOVE Rocky! What time do you need encouragement to keep fighting more than during labor?


I Got Nerve- Hannah Montana

I still love this song and it always gets me pumped for the task ahead.


Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey

Come on, almost everyone loves this song, even if they don’t admit it publicly.


Roar- Katy Perry

This song has been such a huge encouragement to me for the past year and I couldn’t imagine not including it on my active labor playlist.


Night Train to Memphis- Everclear

This song is totally and energizer and Everclear’s take really amps it up!


Tennessee Waltz- Sam Cooke

This is one of my favorite songs and I love the brightness and energy of this version.


Do Wah Diddy Diddy- Manfred Mann

I have loved this song since Full House days when Uncle Jesse would sing it. But, now that I know an adorable story about RJ and this song, I love it even more!



I’m so excited to meet this little man! I know that labor will be hard, but I hope having an awesome active labor playlist will help me stay focused.


(The links take you to Amazon and you can preview the songs. The previews are free, but if you want to buy the songs you can help support The He Said She Said Experience)

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