Baby G- 28 Week Update

Kari and Baby G @28 weeks! So exciting!  Image belongs to THE HE SAID SHE SAID EXPERIENCE
Kari and Baby G @28 weeks! So exciting!

She Said:

I can’t believe that we recently celebrated 28 weeks of carrying Baby G! Wow, I’m really in my third trimester with this little man.  It’s so exciting to think that he’ll be here in such a short time. I love our little chicken tender so much and I can’t wait to hold him and kiss him and snuggle him. Oh, it’s such a wonderful, beautiful miracle to be carrying such a sweet little boy!


Baby G is doing great. He really loves music and Italian food, especially spaghetti.  He does his kick counts really fast every day. He’s moving a ton. I’ve definitely discovered his movement patterns because they’ve gotten more regular. I usually wake up in the morning to some movement and gets busier as the day progresses. He’s usually fairly quiet after mommy’s afternoon nap right up until dinnertime. He’s also a night owl just like his Mommy and Daddy. I love to go to sleep feeling him kicking and moving. Feeling the kicks is even more delightful than I could ever have imagined it being. He’s such a good mover! It really gives me confidence and peace to feel my little busy bee, even if his kicks are sometimes strong enough and swift enough to make me stumble or catch my breath.


The doctor says that my weight gain is perfect and Baby G’s growth was on track as well. We got to hear his heart and it was loud, strong and fast. Plus, we got to hear him kicking and swishing around. It’s so precious and wonderful to hear that sweet heartbeat.


As for me, well it’s been up and down. I’m very happy to have Baby G and I love him so much, but pregnancy has had its tough moments. I’ve heard a lot of women say that they feel more themselves when they are pregnant. I don’t think this is true for me. Being pregnant, while a blessing that I would suffer for far, far worse things than I have had to deal with, has definitely played havoc with my hormones. We are in the process of adjusting them again, because my TSH was off and I was really having some difficult symptoms. I think the new dose of medicine is helping and the hormonal symptoms seem to be receding as well. I recently took my glucose tolerance test and failed it. I’m preparing to take the three-hour test and I’m praying that I’ll pass. I’m fairly confident that I really will pass it. I’m trying to faithfully carry out the preparations for it. Otherwise, my symptoms are pretty run of the mill. I make lots of bathroom trips, my feet are swollen and I’m starting to ache. But, that’s nothing that difficult. I’ve discovered that Lemon Oreos are a great antidote for my rampant heartburn and I’ve never been more grateful for milk!


We are going to tour the hospital and take our prenatal classes soon. I’m very excited about both of those things. It feels so real, so close now. I’m afraid that I’m not nearly as ready with his nursery and baby stuff as I hoped we’d be. It’s very stressful to not have things that you want to have done for your little one, but I’m praying and hoping that August will be a good month and we’ll be able to get things that we need and then fix up his nursery and layette. Some sweet friends that moved away recently gave us some pieces of baby furniture, so we’ve at least got a start on our baby needs list and that was a big blessing.


We’re also trying to plan ahead for work, for the blog and organizing the house, so it’s a lot to do before the little cutie will get here. God has blessed us so with this little one and I’m going to hold on to that blessing and just keep hoping and praying for all the stresses to relax and all our needs to be met.


I can’t believe that he’ll be here so soon! I love you, Baby G! Your mommy can’t wait to meet you! I know you still need to keep growing for a while, but I just hope someday when you read this you know how excited that I was to meet you. I could cry and some days I do, just from the sweetness of the gift of our sweet Baby G. Praise God for our beautiful little miracle!


Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers! We all three need them and we appreciate them so much! We are so happy and excited for this little guy!!!!

Kari and Baby G at 27 weeks. This image belongs to THE HE SAID SHE SAID EXPERIENCE
This was at 27 weeks! He’s definitely growing all the time.


He Said:

Things are up and down a lot right now. Kari’s weight gain is, to use the doctor’s wording, perfect. However, we’re still in the process of testing her for gestational diabetes. Why? Because they test everyone, and then a lot of people get false positives on the first test, so then you have to take a much longer test. It seems very stupid to me. Kari’s TSH was out of whack, but it looks like we’re bringing that under control, so that’s good. I’m still really scared I won’t be a good enough father in a lot of ways. I actually get more scared by the day. It’s crazy to think the influence we’re going to have on this little one. What a responsibility. It can be very overwhelming sometimes. I hope everything calms down and is less eventful soon.


P.S.  Kari is the one who does the actual posting and publishing for the blog and she wanted to add that she thinks that RJ is going to be a good father!  Perks of being the webmaster 🙂

All images belong to The He Said She Said Experience

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