Labor Playlist 1- Relax


Kari and Baby G at around 30 weeks

She Said:

Music has a huge influence on my mood. It has at various times helped me grieve, heal, laugh and get motivated. We listen to music all the time. In fact I sing a song from South Pacific almost every day in the shower and yesterday when I listened to the track on iTunes Baby G started kicking like crazy. He loves music and we shared some his favorite songs recently. As we get closer to my due date (less than two months) and I start thinking about labor I relaized that I needed not just one awesome playlist, but three! The first playlist I’m sharing today is for early labor when I still need to be relaxing. There are probably lots of labor playlists out there and I’ve actually read quite a few. But, my taste is really eclectic so I needed to formulate something for a labor playlistt that would work for me. I hope you’ll find some songs that maybe you’ll want to put on a relaxation playlist- whether you need it for labor playlist or just a stressful day. (BTW this is only a small sample of this playlist, I thought 99 tracks was a bit much to share!)


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow- Amy Winehouse

We’ve sung this to Baby G since he was really little, because we got obsessed with Carole King after the Tony awards.


My Fair Lady Soundtrack

Any of the instrumental tracks are especially relaxing, but most of this soundtrack works to relax me.


To Love Somebody- Michael Buble

RJ and I have both loved the Bee Gees version for years and now we found this version that Baby G LOVES too!


Deeper Than the Holler- Randy Travis

Randy Travis is very soothing to me. I was a little girl in the 80s in East Tennessee, being a Randy Travis fan was a requirement.


It’s Now or Never- Elvis Presley

We’ve always loved this song and so does Baby G. It relaxes everyone!


Tennessee Waltz- Otis Redding

No relax playlist would be complete without Otis or the Tennessee Waltz and this marries both.


Break It To Me Gently- Brenda Lee

This song is just so smooth, and it always relaxes me.


Wings of a Dove- Ferlin Husky

This song helped me get through a very painful medical test several years ago and it always helps me relax now.


In the Still of the Night- The Five Satins

There are lots of beautiful songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack that are lovely and chill, but this is one of my favorites.


Libestraum- Franz Liszt

I’ve loved this piece since I was a little girl. My shoulders relax before this song has been on ten seconds.


Midnight Train to Georgia- Gladys Knight & the Pips

This is our “stressful shopping day” song. When we hear this song even the stress of Wal-Mart feels a little more manageable.


Collide- Howie Day

I will fall asleep very quickly if this song is played in a moving car. Very quickly.


Come Thou Fount- Jadon Lavik

I love the message of this song and this version is quiet and confident all at once.


Blessed Assurance- Shane &Shane (featuring The Peasall Sisters)

This song is so beautiful and has such a mellow bluegrass sound that it’s wonderfully peaceful.


Your Love Oh Lord- Third Day

I love Third Day like I love Otis Redding and this song has been a favorite since we used to sing it on worship team.


Those are some of my picks for a relaxing labor playlist. What songs did you have to help you relax?



(The links take you to Amazon and you can preview the songs. The previews are free, but if you want to buy the songs you can help support The He Said She Said Experience)


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