Baby G’s 32 Week Update

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Kari and Baby G at 32 weeks! Love that belly bump!

She Said:

I can’t believe that I’m 32 weeks pregnant. Where has the time gone? I’m so excited to meet Baby G that I can hardly stand it! I just want to hold him so much!


Baby G is doing well. He’s measuring just a little big. We had a checkup recently and the doctor says he’s just fine! We’ll be going again next week and I always look forward to hearing that sweet little heartbeat. Baby G loves to move! I love to feel him kicking and rolling and I love seeing him move in my belly. We have so much fun everyday just watching and feeling him. He loves it when Mommy and Daddy read to each other and he also loves music.


I’m feeling pretty good. We had a small hiccup with my TSH, but that’s straightened out now. The hormone spikes hit me pretty hard. I usually end up feeling pretty bad every day from about 3-6 in the afternoon and again at night around 11:00pm. I find that I’m getting tired more easily. My feet hurt and they swell sometimes, but putting them up always makes them feel better. I have been getting some back pain from my belly, but we’re managing that. The biggest complaint that I have is- IT IS TOO HOT OUTSIDE! I know that there’s not much I can do about the heat other than try to stay cool. But, I will be really looking forward to cooler weather. I don’t want snow (especially not until Baby G is safely here and at home), but I would love daytime highs in the 60s! We are worried that my morning sickness is coming back to life. I’m starting to be sick (separate from the hormone spikes) every day at the same time. Well, we got through it with God’s mercy, ginger ale, Cheerios, cold cloths and sleep last time and we’ll prayerfully and carefully get through it this time too. We do hope and pray that it won’t be as severe. I don’t want to lose weight or get dehydrated, I just want out little man to keep growing safe and strong.


I’m getting so excited about Baby G’s arrival. How is it only 7 weeks (or so) away? I’m feeling a little nervous about giving birth and I think that’s normal. I’ve never slept in a hospital before and I’ve never had a baby so this experience is fraught with newness! We visited the hospital where we will be delivering and found the facilities and staff to both be great. We weren’t able to see a room, because they were all full, but it did give us a nice feel about being there. At least we know where to park and check in! I talked with my doctor about the fact that I find birth plans really overwhelming. I understand that for some women they may feel empowered, but I just find them upsetting. I know what matters most to me and to RJ is that Baby G and I are both healthy and safe. I know my physical limitations and under the wise counsel of my doctor we’ve decided to go with an epidural. I know plenty of women who want to go totally natural and I salute them. But, my doctor knows my history and me and counseled us for an epidural. RJ and I both feel good about this decision. I was totally overwhelmed by so many questions on the suggested birth plans and now knowing that we have a few simple desires and have been educated on the hospital and my doctor’s practices, we feel a lot better. I’m still a little scared, but I try to remind myself that my body can do this and I’m so glad that I’ll have RJ with me.


As far as getting ready for the baby goes, well I hope to be a lot further along the next time I post a four-week update. We’ve given some more things from generous friends, we’re in progress of clearing out the room for Baby G and we’re trying to plan a little for life after his arrival. I’m so glad that I have RJ because there’s no one else that I’d rather have a baby with and I couldn’t do it without him. God has blessed me so much. I’m nervous about everything we have left to do, buy and plan, but I’m trying to pray and do the best I can to tackle tasks each day. We still have a lot of things to do, buy and figure out! Thank you for all your prayers and we’d appreciate the continued prayers for all three of us.


I’m looking forward to holding Baby G! I can’t wait to see him and hear him cry. Oh, I can’t wait to know that he’s safe and he’s here! Baby G, your mommy loves you so much and she can’t wait to kiss your little face and hold you close!

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
We can’t wait until Baby G is here and swinging in his new swing from Dani’s Duds

He Said:

Has it really been 32 weeks already? It’s so crazy to think of how quickly time has flown by since we found out about this little guy. I’m so in awe. At the same time, I’m really nervous. Money is tighter than it’s ever been, and I worry about being a good father. I feel like I’m really in over my head. I wish I were more ready. But is anyone ever really ready? I’m pretty jumbled mess these days. I’m trying to learn as many of Kari’s recipes as I can so we can still have some of our favorites. The simple ones at least. I’m doing fine with pork chops, barbeque chicken, rice and mashed potatoes. I’m trying to get the hang of spaghetti with meat sauce, but that one is a little trickier. Cornbread really didn’t seem to want me to make it, but I’ve figured it out. That’s about all the baking I can do though. I’m looking forward to helping out as much as I can.

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