Labor Playlist 3: Lullabies

Kari and Baby G! Soon he'll be here and ready for lullabies!
Kari and Baby G! Soon he’ll be here and ready for lullabies!

She Said:

I’m just a couple of months from my due date! It’s crazy to think that Baby G will be here so soon. We have so many things that we still need to do, buy and plan. But, we’re working a little bit every day and hope that we’ll get a lot done in the next few weeks. I’ve already shared two of my labor playlists  (one for relaxing and one for active labor) and today I’d like to share my third. Baby G loves music (see his favorites here) and I wanted him to have some sounds that he was familiar with in the hospital. This playlist is all about lullaby music for soothing my little man. Here are some of the highlights.


My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose and All Through the Night– Mae Roberston and Don Jackson.

I love these beautiful, traditional lullabies. I’ve been a fan of both of these songs since hearing them on Road to Avonlea as a young girl.


Wildflowers and Smoke Gets in Your Eyes– Sierra Boggess

“Wildflowers” is my song. The first time I heard it I cried because it really does tell my story. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is just beautiful and Sierra’s voice ( which Baby G loves) makes it even lovelier.


Sleepwalk- Santo & Johnny

My little man loves retro music and this song is so dreamy. I really think he’ll love it.


Be My Baby- The Ronettes

It has baby in it and he loves it when I sing it.


Will You Love Me Tomorrow- The Shirelles

He’s loved this song since he was tiny and we could first feel him moving. RJ and I both sing it to him and he loves it.


Love Me Tender- Elvis Presley

Baby G is crazy about Elvis and this is one of the quietest Elvis songs. I can just imagine snuggling him and singing to him.


In Christ Alone- Keith & Kristyn Getty

This song is so beautiful in it’s depiction of Christ’s love for us. The first time I sang this song at church I actually had tears running down my face. My prayer is that Baby G will come to know Jesus at a young age. We want to make sure that he has the truth of God’s love poured into him every day.


Forever Young- Joan Baez

This song is so simply and eloquently written. It’s all my wishes for Baby G.


Sea of Love- Cat Power

Juno is one of my favorite movies. Ever since I saw it, I’ve always dreamed of holding my little one and singing them this beautiful song that I’ve loved since childhood. I can’t imagine how powerful, beautiful and awesome it will be to hold our sweet boy.


I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack

More wishes for my little man. I’m getting teary thinking about how much I want for him. Pregnancy hormones alert!


Road to Avonlea Soundtrack

Road to Avonlea is one of my favorite shows ever. I have loved it since I was ten. RJ is a big fan too. The music from the show is stunning. We actually used it for our pre-ceremony music at our wedding and now I’ll be happy to use it to soothe our sweet son.


Wow, I think I almost cried twice writing that. I’m just so excited to meet our sweet boy. I hope you enjoy this list of lullabies. What did you use for your babies? Tell me some of your favorites. I might need to add some songs to the playlist!

(The links take you to Amazon and you can preview the songs. The previews are free, but if you want to buy the songs you can help support The He Said She Said Experience)


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2 thoughts on “Labor Playlist 3: Lullabies

  1. I have a favorite CD to recommend. It’s not lullabies, so you may not be ready for it right away, but Jazz For Kids: Sing Clap Wiggle and Shake is awesome, it includes cuts like Ella Fitzgerald on Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Louis Prima on Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens and Louis Armstrong on It’s A Wonderful World.

    It’s super fun and uplifting and very different than most kids’ CDs. I hope you enjoy it and wish you a wonderful experience with your new baby!


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