What Can You Get for $100 at Dani’s Duds?

Today, we’re excited to launch a new series about one of our favorite things- shopping! Most people are trying to find the best bargains and still get great merchandise when they shop. But, how do you manage both on a budget, while still getting things that feel special? That’s what we’re going to find out in our series, What Can You Get for $100?


A look at some of the great items for sale at Dani’s Duds

She Said:


We’re so excited for sweet Baby G. It’s hard to believe that he’ll be here so soon! We still have so much to do and get ready for him. Everyone knows that baby gear and baby clothes are very expensive. We’ve been blessed by some sweet friends who have shared things with us, but there are still lots of items on our Baby G needs list. I had heard about baby consignment sales and was curious if they would be a good place to find a great bargain and get nice things. A dear girlfriend tipped me off to Dani’s Duds and after doing research I knew this was a sale that I really wanted to attend.


Dani’s Duds is a wonderful semi-annual recycling/consignment baby sale in the Northern Virginia area. It was actually started over 20 years ago by a husband and wife Don and Kathy when they realized that parents needed a place to be able to recycle their kids clothing. We even met Danielle (Dani), their daughter who inspired this wonderful family business.


I had some trepidation about the sale. Would it be hectic? Would I be able to find things that I was looking for? The staff did a great job of keeping everyone orderly in line and it was always easy to find someone if you needed assistance. The holding area and checkout process made the shopping experience fun and pleasurable. I wasn’t stressed at all. The space, Dulles Expo Center was loaded with a huge array of items and everything was very well categorized and easy to find.

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience

The shopping experience was very pleasurable, but how was the quality of merchandise? It was really superior. I found several things that had tags still on them and so many items that were in like new condition. We found two wonderful pieces of gear that were in great condition and I was amazed that volume of clothing items that were in such great condition. There are so many items for sale not just for babies, but for older children and adults as well.


So, what did we get for $100 at Dani’s Duds? I had really hoped to find a baby swing or an activity mat and we found both! I love the baby swing because it was such a great deal $24, and because I hadn’t even known that there was a Fisher Price swing with fish on it! We’re doing Baby G’s nursery as an ocean theme and it was perfect! I also found a Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym for only $15. I was registered for one for $75! Those were two amazing deals!


Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
Baby G will love pumping iron at his new gym

I also wanted to find some winter buntings for my little man and was able to get two of them (for $10 and $8) and they are so cute. I also found about 9 other different clothing items ranging from $2 to $10 dollars. One of my favorite pieces being a sweet little sailor suit (for when he gets older) that still had the tags on it and was only $4. He’ll look like a little Prince George in it! I had hoped to find him some cute dressy little outfits and found quite a few great pieces.


Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
What a sweet outfit and still had the tags on it!

We also found a great maternity coat for me for only $5. I hadn’t even thought about needing a maternity coat and I’m so glad that I found it while browsing in the maternity clothing section.


Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
Basic black coat perfect for the upcoming fall weather.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Dani’s Duds. I know that we’ll be attending their sales in the future. For our $100 budget (we went six dollars over) we were able to get a swing, activity mat, 2 coats for Baby G, 1 coat for Mommy and 9 amazing pieces of clothing. That’s quite a deal and a lot of items check off our shopping list! Dani’s Duds is truly a place to find great items and stick to your budget too!


Kari Liked: The quality of the merchandise, the friendliness of the staff and the overall organization of the experience.


Kari Didn’t Like: I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about the experience.

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
Two adorable buntings!

He Said:

For anyone skeptical of the consignment sale experience, let me tell you Dani’s Duds is amazing. The selection is great, the quality is great, and the overall experience was very pleasant. There was no pushing or name-calling to get that one perfect thing. Every other shopper there was very nice.


One thing to keep in mind (in life as well as bargain shopping) is that you need to be flexible. For example, the super cute swing that we got is not the exact one on our wish list. So what? It’s darling, and fit what we needed, so we got it and now we’re very happy. Don’t be super rigid on the exact model of what you’re looking for, look for filling the need.

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
Our adorable new baby swing!


I can’t talk enough about how much money we saved. I don’t even know how much all the clothes we found would have cost retail. And that’s if they’re even still being made with how fickle baby clothing companies are! Just on our two biggest items, the swing and the activity mat, we saved about 75%. That’s some pretty serious savings!

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience

What makes Dani’s Duds great are the little things that make for a seamless experience. Their hold process is very easy, and the volunteers are very helpful in getting your items to a good place and watching over them to keep them safe. The merchandise is very well laid out so that you can find everything you would need very easily. The volunteers are also always asking around to see if they can help someone with anything. The checkout process is quick and easy. And this sale had no entrance fee, a welcome change among consignment sales.


It was such a great experience; we’ll definitely be shopping at future sales.

RJ Liked: How easy it was to shop.

RJ Didn’t Like: Nothing

Dani's Duds Review- The He Said She Said Experience
Tons of baby gear and tables with items for all ages.


Promotional consideration from Dani’s Duds was provided for this post, however all opinions are our own.


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