Favorite Moments in Pregnancy

There have been so many wonderful moments in this pregnancy. Right now, I’m really starting to suffer sometimes from the high level of hormones and general fatigue of last weeks of pregnancy. But, we’re so grateful for our little man! I’d suffer through every second of discomfort again in a heartbeat for him! I can’t wait to meet him. I waited so long to become a mommy and I just wanted to take some time to celebrate some of my favorite moments of carrying Baby G


Getting the positive pregnancy test

It was the best Valentine’s Day present I’ll ever get! I knew I was pregnant! I knew it! And then to have it confirmed on a day all about love was just perfection.


Seeing the baby

I was so scared after losing Taylor last year that I would never see our baby. I cried when I saw the screen light up with a little bean. Then on the next ultrasound when we could see him moving, while hearing and seeing his heartbeat, I cried again and was awestruck by this little miracle.


Creating the baby registry

I had been looking at baby stuff longingly for years, so it was so exciting to pick things out for our baby. We had a lot of fun picking things out. As much fun as a wedding registry was, a baby registry was ten times more fun!


Finding out the gender

I thought he was a girl. Blissfully, I was wrong! I would have loved a little girl, but I can’t imagine him as anything other than a sweet baby boy. The ultrasound was such a blessed experience. Yes, I cried again.


Feeling movement

It turn out that I had been feeling movements for a few weeks. I didn’t want to be wrong about feeling movement so I waited until I could confirm that’s what I was feeling. After our ultrasound, I knew when he was moving!


Buying the first outfit

I was thrilled when we were in Target and found the sweetest little outfit on clearance. It was the first thing that we bought new for him. I can’t wait to dress him in his little blue and white jacket outfit!


Seeing movement

As much as feeling the movement is, and it’s awesome, it’s been so exciting to see him move! I love to see where he’s curled up or watch my belly moves as he kicks.


Putting away clothes

I was so excited to fold and put away that first load of tiny laundry. It really made me feel like he was coming soon.


Maternity photos

I wanted to do maternity photos. But, we’ve been on a such a tight budget and so busy, plus I’ve been feeling unwell so often I didn’t know if we would be able to do them. But, I wanted them as a keepsake to remember the beautiful gift of this pregnancy. We just decided to go to our favorite park and shoot some pictures ourselves. They aren’t fancy, but they are such treasures for me. The dress that I’m wearing isn’t even a maternity dress or new. We had a very small vow renewal several years ago, when I started getting diagnosed with all my health problems. We were actually waiting for a really scary test about cancer. Thankfully it was a no for now, and who knew in just a few short years I would be carrying our son and wearing that dress again.


How cute is this?! Thanks to my girlfriends who made my baby shower such an incredible day!
How cute is this?! Thanks to my girlfriends who made my baby shower such an incredible day!


Ever since I was a little girl I had looked forward to my baby shower. My girlfriends (best in the world) were sweet enough to throw me a shower and it was such a special celebration. We had a great time, playing games, visiting and eating yummy food. Gideon and I got so many special gifts and I still cry when I look at my cards and presents.


Making things for his nursery

We’ve had so much fun making decorations for Baby G’s ocean themed nursery. We still have some things to finish up and the actual decorating to do.


I’m still looking forward to so much! I hope we’ll be able to finish his nursery soon. And then in just a little while he will be here! I can’t wait to meet my little chicken tender and kiss his face. Thinking about the first moment that I see and hear him makes me cry. There are so many things I want to do with him, so much to teach him and show him. But, I’m most looking forward to meeting and holding my little son! Oh how I thank God for this most precious, awesome blessing.

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