Cupcaked Bakery Review- 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway

We love our readers and want them to have a happy and sweet Christmas! So we’ve brought back our 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway series! We’ll be giving away 12 prizes guaranteed to sweeten up your holiday season from now until January 6th!


Today, we are pleased to be giving away a wonderful prize from Cupcaked Bakery.


Cupcaked Bakery is a boutique bakery in Clifton, VA that makes amazing cupcakes. But, that’s not all. They also make wonderful scones, buns, pies and cookies. We adored Cupcaked from our first visit, to the exquisite apple pie that made our Thanksgiving great and we were totally charmed by their holiday offerings. Kristina Baranowski is an amazing baker, adept at creating beautiful tastes and textures. Her commitment to fresh made baked goods daily is evident in each bite as is her commitment to quality ingredients. Whether you’re interested in cupcakes, buns or scones you will receive a delicious and well-made treat. Cupcaked also offers gluten-free options for some their cupcakes and now their scones each and every day. The flavors for all varieties of goodies change daily so check Cupcaked’s Facebook page to see what’s available.


We’ll be giving one lucky reader a wonderful prize courtesy of Cupcaked Bakery. One winner will receive a $20 gift card for Cupcaked Bakery so you too can enjoy these amazing pastries.

Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said She Said Experience

Cupcaked Bakery is a great timesaver for the holiday season. You can still place orders, although time is running out for Christmas Eve pickup. You can order treats such as buns, scones, cupcakes, pies and macarons in a variety of seasonal and classic flavors. That way you can enjoy delicious fresh made treats and spend more time with your friends and family. The holiday cookie boxes are a fantastic offering an assorted dozen cookies, baked in the shop, in flavors such as red velvet crinkle, chocolate chip and traditional sugar cookies. They are great for gifts! After all, what’s Christmas without yummy holiday cookies? Check out Cupcaked’s Facebook page here for flavors and contact information to order.


Cheddar and Chive scones
Cheddar and Chive scones
Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said She Said Experience
Cinnamon Buns

She Said:

I could talk for a long, long time about how much I love Cupcaked. The cupcakes are quite simply the best-textured, best-flavored, highest quality cupcakes that I’ve ever had. Our readers may remember that I used to complain that you couldn’ t get good cupcakes in Northern Virginia. I will never make that complaint again, because now I have found Cupcaked. We recently sampled the Chocolate Raspberry (rich, perfectly sweet) and the White Chocolate Peppermint (so festive in looks and taste) cupcakes. Both, were a simply senstational with creamy, silky frosting and soft, luscious cake.


Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said she Said Experience
The Chocolate Raspberry cupcake

We also sampled the holiday sugar cookies, which were buttery, had the perfect balance of crispiness and softness. The sugar cookies are beautifully decorated. What makes a Christmas cookie taste even more magical? Edible glitter and frosting of course!


The delicious White Chocolate Raspberry Scones were also lovely. The scones are wonderfully flaky with a tender crumb, like a biscuit but more slightly more rustic feel. The beautiful taste of the raspberries blended perfectly with the hearty taste of the scone to create a treat that was both sweet and very filling.


Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said She Said Experience
White Chocolate Raspberry Scone

In answer to the hashtag #haveyoubeencupcaked, yes. Yes I have!



Kari Liked: The chocolate raspberry cupcake, the raspberry white chocolate scone and the sugar cookies were my faves.

Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said she Said Experience
Mommy and Baby G love Cupcaked!

He Said:


Over at Cupcaked, they’re really embracing the holiday spirit. When we visited them recently, they featured both White Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes and Cranberry Orange. As always, Kristina uses only the freshest ingredients, and balances their flavors perfectly. My favorite part of any trip to Cupcaked is the proper use of subtlety in baking. The cranberry flavor is there, but not overwhelming. The orange really is the star of this particular cake. The peppermint is not overused in the White Chocolate Peppermint, and the marriage between it and the white chocolate in the frosting is a match made in heaven.


Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said she Said Experience
The White Chocolate Peppermint cupcake

We also had the benefit of a surprisingly fresh shipment of raspberries that resulted in two other fabulous offerings: Chocolate Raspberry cupcake, and White Chocolate Raspberry scone. The cupcake was amazing and the raspberry flavor was so bright. And the frosting was light and airy and felt so very fresh. The scone blew my mind. I’ve tried scones many times, and have always wanted to like them, but they were always too dry. Not true of the Cupcaked version. This scone was so moist and flavorful that I could eat a dozen of them.


Also wonderful were the cookies, which she’s selling boxes of for Christmas. The frosting was especially noteworthy as it felt really light and fresh, compared to most sugar cooking icings, which can be hard and harsh tasting.

Cupcaked Bakery Review by The He Said she Said Experience
Beautiful Christmas cookies!


RJ Liked: The White Chocolate Peppermint cupcake, and the White Chocolate Raspberry Scone.

Are you ready to win some cupcakes? Simply fill out our form below. Completing the first task unlocks more entry options. The winner will be announced after 3:00pm (Eastern) on Monday, December 22nd on our Facebook page and also contacted with an email with instructions on how to claim their prize! Merry Christmas!

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Check out Cupcaked Bakery on their Facebook page! Or you can visit them at their store located at 12644 Chapel Road in Clifton, VA.

(Promotional consideration and prize were provided by Cupcaked Bakery, however all opinions are our own.)


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