Popped! Republic Review- 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway

Popped! Republic Review by the He said She Said Experience

We love our readers and want them to have a happy and sweet Christmas! So we’ve brought back our 12 Sweets of Christmas Giveaway series! We’ll be giving away 12 prizes guaranteed to sweeten up your holiday season from now until January 6th! Remember, each reader can enter each giveaway so you could win multiple prizes!


Today, we are pleased to be giving away a wonderful prize from Popped! Republic.


Popped! Republic is a gourmet popcorn business that creates amazing flavors with DC area and political themed names. Popped! Republic was originally launched in 2012 and serves up delicious popcorn from a food truck, a store in Alexandria VA, as well as an online store. Owners Rich and Kristie Arslan sell not only classic flavors such as Capitol Caramel and America’s Favorite (classic movie theater style), but also inventive flavors such as Blitzer’s Blazin’ Buffalo and are always trying out new flavors such as Southwest Jalapeno. You can even mix combinations of two and three flavors to create a truly unique taste.

Popped! Republic Review by The He Said She Said Experience
Popped! Republic Large Popcorn Sampler


We’ll be giving one lucky reader a wonderful prize courtesy of Popped! Republic. One winner will receive a large sampler of popcorn(Valued at 39.99)! This will allow the winner to sample a variety of six classic flavors of popcorn (America’s Favorite, K Street Kettle Korn, White House White Cheddar, Mount Vernon Maple Glaze, Capitol Caramel, the Obama mix as well as a chocolate drizzled flavor.


Popped! Republic is an excellent place to do holiday shopping! Who doesn’t love popcorn? Popped Republic offers popcorns in a variety of sizes of flavors and packages. You can order it in gift bags, tins or sampler packs. The Holiday Packs are available at the Alexandria location and a limited number are available on the Popped! Food truck. They are particularly great for budget gift giving (ranging in price from $10.00- $17.00) and certain to please anyone. You can even call ahead, place your order and then go pick it up. Popped! Republic is a great way to give yummy treats while making your shopping easy and budget friendly.


She Said:

I adore popcorn and Popped! Republic is the best popcorn that I’ve ever had. Every flavor is delicious and tasted crafted, not produced. This popcorn is truly gourmet as evidenced by the rich, full tastes and quality of the product. I really enjoyed all the flavors, but I personally though the standouts are White House White Cheddar, Mount Vernon Maple Glaze and Blitzer’s Blazin’ Buffalo. The White House Cheddar has a perfect amount of cheesy bite. The Mount Vernon Maple Glaze is perfectly sweet and the flavor from the Vermont maple sugar takes you to a happy place of pancakes and the holidays. I love Wolf Blitzer and I’m so happy to report that Blitzer’s Blazin’ Buffalo has a wonderful kick of heat! I love spicy food and this popcorn, truly packs as punch! But I haven’t talked about the America’s Favorite, which all movie theaters need to serve, you’ll never be happy with movie house popcorn again. The K Street Kettle Korn is perfectly balanced with salty and sweet and feasting on the dark chocolate drizzled version is really something else!


Popped! Republic by The He Said She Said Experience
Mount Vernon Maple and White House White Cheddar are a perfect pair.

Eating Popped! Republic’s popcorn truly inspires the reaction of “EAT ALL THE POPCORN,” in me! To say it’s delicious, creative and well crafted almost doesn’t seem like enough of a compliment!


If anyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas for me you can take the above paragraphs as a wish list!

Kari Liked: All the Popcorn! But if I had to pick ultimate favorites it would be the Blitzer’s Blazin’ Buffalo and Mount Vernon Maple.

Popped! Republic by The He Said She Said Experience
Spicy and wonderful!

He Said:

Since I was a little child one of my favorite Christmas gifts has always been a tin of popcorn. When Kari introduced me to Kettle Corn a few years back at Dollywood, it blew my mind. My appreciation of popcorn and what can be done to it are ever evolving. That being said, I can’t ever imagine finding a more interesting and innovative approach to popcorn than is found at Popped! Republic.


We had the joy of trying several of their flavors and combinations, all of which were amazing. Even some of the flavor combinations that you wouldn’t think would work, do. America’s Favorite finds a way to be exciting, even though it’s movie theater style popcorn. The Obama Mix contains both Capitol Caramel and Congressional Cheddar in a mashup that makes make my six-year-old self giddy. Moreover, the flavors are rich and deep. The caramel is so creamy and dark. The cheddar tastes like a bite right from a block of cheese. I am forever spoiled for the big cheap tins you see in stores this time of year.

Popped! Republic by The He Said She Said Experience

The other biggest standout for me is the Blitzer’s Blazing Buffalo, which was so true to its flavor it’s startling. It’s so hot to eat, but you get more than a heat. You get all the notes you expect with buffalo wings.


I loved everything else we tried too. The K Street Kettle Korn is amazing, especially when drizzled with dark chocolate. The Mount Vernon Maple glaze is subtle and delicious, and a perfect partner for the White House White Cheddar.


I know what I want for Christmas this year! A big tin of Popped! Republic. It definitely makes a great gift, and the have packages starting from $10.


RJ Liked: I liked everything, but my favorites are the Obama Mix, and the Blitzer’s Blazing Buffalo.

Popped! Republic by The He Said She Said Experience

Are you ready to win some popcorn? Simply fill out our form below. Completing the first task unlocks more entry options. The winner will be announced after 10:00am (Eastern) on Friday, December 19th on our Facebook page and also contacted with an email with instructions on how to claim their prize! Merry Christmas!
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Check out Popped! Republic on their website! Or you can visit them at their store located at 2381 Dove Street in Alexandria, VA or by locating their DC area food here.

(Promotional consideration and prize were provided by Popped! Republic, however all opinions are our own.)

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