The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League: Battle Rounds Night 1

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The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League
Ashley Morgan

She Said:

Wow, the auditions for The Voice Season Eight are over and the battles have begun! I was able to find out that Caitlin is Team Pharrell making the makeup of Team Kari. I didn’t have anyone on my team competing last night but here’s my take on the first night of the battle rounds.


Ashley Morgan & Mia Z

I almost picked Ashley for my team and I thought she did a great job. Kudos to Christina for commenting that Ashley clearly won the battle and for stealing her for Team Christina. I was sitting in front of the television yelling “pancakes, pick pancakes.” So I’m glad Ashley was stolen!


Brian Johnson & Joshua Davis

We fought over both of these guys and ultimately they ended up on Team RJ. I hated the song choice and I was really frustrated that he paired them together. Didn’t Blake learn anything from pairing up Craig Wayne Boyd and James David Carter last year? He never is happy when he pairs people who are too similar because the outcome is that one will lose! I think Joshua won, although Brian is very talented and did well. I’m very relieved that Joshua got stolen!


James McNeiece & Tonya Boyd-Cannon

I felt really bad for Tonya because I thought this song definitely doesn’t work as well for a woman. But, I’m glad she rightfully won the battle due to her wonderful vocal skills.


How did RJ have 3 people in battles and lose no one? Team Kari contestants will be battling soon and I hope they are successful in the battle rounds as the members of Team RJ have been so far!

The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League- The He Said She Said Experience
Brian Johnson and Joshua Davis


He Said:

This installment was a little weird. I’ve never heard of The Voice ending the blind auditions and picking up with the battle rounds on the same night. We already picked our final team member using previews on iTunes so we could share them with everyone, so the audition part was interesting and frustrating. I liked most of the other people more than when we heard just their track, but ultimately, I am happy with my pick.


Ashley Morgan & Mia Z

Thus commences the weakest part of Pharrell’s coaching. He doesn’t know how to choose the right winner of the battle rounds. I don’t think Mia should have won at all, and was very glad when the clearly superior Ashley wound up stolen by Christina Aguilera.


I had team members in the remaining two matchups and was very nervous.


James McNeiece & Tonya Boyd-Cannon (Team RJ)

James McNeice reminds me a lot of Adam Levine’s singing style, and with a song originally done by a man, about an attractive woman, I didn’t see Tonya Boyd-Cannon sticking around. But Adam made the right choice, and I kept a team member!


Brian Johnson (Team RJ) and Joshua Davis (Team RJ)

These guys are both awesome, and I don’t think Blake could have made a right decision once he made the mistake of pairing these people against each other. Thankfully, they’re both so good that Joshua was quickly stolen by Adam.


I had a good night last night. A quarter of my team has now made it through to the next round, and we’re undefeated so far!


The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League
James McNeiece and Tonya Boyd-Cannon

Who are you cheering for? What did you think of the first night of the battle round? Tell us in the comments?

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