Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview

Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Kari, RJ and Baby G were so happy to spend time with Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Meryl Davis & Charlie White are the most decorated ice dance team in U.S. figure skating history and were cheered on by millions for their 2014 Olympic Gold medal accomplishment. They are currently appearing with 2015 Stars on Ice tour (check out our review here). We were fortunate to spend some time talking to them recently about figure skating, Stars on Ice, music, superheroes and more.

Kari: What do you guys enjoy most about Stars on Ice?


Meryl Davis: I think just a history of excellence. Stars on Ice, especially now, is the premiere skating show in North America. It’s funny because I was just looking at the cast photos from the last, how ever many years, and just the quality of the individual skaters; the quality of the show itself is so high. It’s an honor. You talk to young skaters from years ago, who say that was always their dream; to be here is really an honor.


Kari: All the numbers are amazing. What’s your favorite number in the show?


Charlie White: The opening. Without a doubt. It’s such an amazing piece of music (Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”) first and foremost, and it goes great with the choreography that Jeff Buttle put together. He’s a genius and we have so much respect for his work, but he’s outdone himself. You just get the chills doing it, so that’s what makes it special I think.


Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
The 2015 cast of Stars on Ice in the stunning opening number

Meryl Davis: What’s cool about the show is it really takes you to different styles through the show, but yet it flows really well. That was something the people that were putting the show together tried to do this year was go from one style to the next smoothly.


Kari: We always ask a few silly questions.


RJ: If you were a superhero, which one would you be?


Charlie White: If I was any superhero? Probably Spider-man. I like how he’s got the most wit .I think he’s the most relatable; he was my favorite growing up, singing the song. Otherwise Wolverine, because University of Michigan.


Meryl Davis: Maybe Supergirl. That was my very first Halloween costume as a baby. Flying would be excellent.


Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Meryl Davis & Charlie White
“Say Something”

Kari: What’s your favorite get pumped song? You’ve got like a few seconds in your car, you’ve got to get pumped for something, what are you listening to?


Meryl Davis: That’s a really good question? (to Charlie) Do you have an answer while I think about it?


Charlie White: Probably like “8 Mile” by Eminem.


Meryl Davis: One of Charlie’s favorite songs that rubbed off on me over the years is “Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco. At US Championships every year the people putting on the competition would ask us what song we wanted them to play before we skated and Charlie chose that song, and it really, I don’t know, I feel like it’s really inspiring to sort of step up to a challenge.


Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Meryl Davis & Charlie White “Sleeping Beauty” image courtesy Stars on Ice

Kari: So we have a little guy (Baby G). What’s your advice if we’re looking at a little future skater? What’s your one piece of advice for us or for him?


Meryl Davis: My most important piece of advice is do it if you love it, and then everything takes care of itself. I think Charlie and I fell in love with skating as individuals early on and it was always really that we wanted it. I think that makes it not only easier, but it makes all the sacrifices worth it because it’s a true love.


Charlie White: I would say, as a young lad, just to have the option to do all kinds of things: music, maybe some computer programming, and maybe soccer. You give a kid all these options and they’ll find a comfort zone. In figure skating you learn a lot of great lessons, and it has a lot to offer, but I think what was so great for us was having so many opportunities to do other things and by having that diversity growing up we could really focus in on “I’m really attracted to this for these reasons” and then you feel a magnetism to stick with it, stick with it.


Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Meryl Davis & Charlie White “Sleeping Beauty”

Kari: What is your favorite thing to do off the ice? I know you’re both super-talented and into a lot of other things, which is cool.


Meryl Davis: My favorite thing to do is to just be active outside. With skating we tend to be in the rink, so getting to be in the sunshine whether it be like hiking or just like playing around outside with family and friends is definitely my favorite thing.


Charlie White: Hanging with my fiancée Tanith, who’s also in the show, and our dogs. My favorite thing is just being with them. Whatever it is we’re doing.


Meryl Davis & Charlie White Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Meryl Davis & Charlie White “Say Something” image courtesy Stars on Ice

RJ: Did you guys bring the dogs?


Charlie White: No, they’re with my parents.


Kari: Got to love the little fur babies though!


Charlie White: Absolutely.


Kari: Thank you guys so much for talking with us!

We’d like to thank Meryl and Charlie for talking to us and wish them the best for the remainder of the Stars on Ice Tour! For information on how you can see the tour and get tickets, click here. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this team! While they recently announced that they won’t be competing in 2015-2016 season, we know that whenever they are on the ice, in whatever capacity, we’ll be watching.

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