The Voice Season 8 Fantasy League: The Top 12

(This post is part of our The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League series for our initial post and team roster, click here)

The Voice Season 8- The Top Twelve by The He Said She Said Experience
The Top Twelve

She Said:

Well, it’s happened. I’m totally sick of The Voice. I’m disappointed with who’s been sent home (Kelsie May) and who wasn’t saved (why didn’t Blake save Sarah Potenza?) and I’m just tired of it. Maybe the show will recapture the magic this season, but between the poor song choices and bad guest performances I’m really losing interest. And by the way I love having two hymns/worship songs, but I don’t want them juxtaposed with two songs from that Fifty Shades of gross soundtrack.

Here’s my team breakdown.

Team Kari:

DeAnna Johnson- Team Adam

India Carney- Team Christina

Rob Taylor- Team Christina

Meghan Linsey- Team Blake


I’ve got 3 girls and 1 guy that represent 3 different teams (1 for Adam, 2 for Christina and 1 for Blake). I’m not surprised to be left without an artist on Team Pharrell because I rarely agree with his decisions on eliminations.


I still have some talented artists on my team. One of my biggest hopes for the remainder of the season is not that someone on my team win, but rather the winner WILL NOT still be obviously shaking and quavering through a song. I really think Rob, Meghan and India came seriously to competition with talent and confidence firmly in place at this stage and I hope one of them wins!

The Voice Season 8- The Top Twelve by The He Said She Said Experience
India Carney could definitely win this thing

He Said:

Wow, this season of The Voice is started to move fast! Last night the final 12 were announced, and my team still has 5 people left on it. I’ve got 3 guys and two girls, so I’m pretty balanced there at the moment. As far as coaches, I have 2 people each from Team Adam and Team Blake, and 1 person left from Team Pharrell. Sadly, I’ve had to part ways with all my team members from Team Christina. I really think I’ve still got the winner somewhere on my team. They’re all doing well, but I’m especially excited about Joshua Davis and Corey Kent White. Good job Team RJ!

Team RJ

Joshua Davis- Team Adam

Brian Johnson- Team Adam

Koryn Hawthorne- Team Pharell

Corey Kent White- Team Blake

Hannah Kirby- Team Blake

The Voice Season 8- The Top Twelve by The He Said She Said Experience
Keeping Brian Johnson was a bit of a surprise, but a happy one. I just wish it hadn’t meant losing Tonya Boyd-Cannon

We still have 9 of the top 12 artists! Who are you cheering for?


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