The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League: The Top 6

The Voice Season Eight Top 6 by The He Said She Said Experience

The Voice Season Eight Top 6 by The He Said She Said Experience

She Said:

I know I’ve complained that I’m bored with The Voice right now and I really am bored with it. But, I’ve never tweeted and retweeted so much in my life last night. I’m so happy that India Carney is still in the competition and utterly baffled how she was in the bottom 3? I was also surprised that it was such a tight race during the Instant Save with Corey Kent White. He’s a good singer, but both of his performances this week were not great. But, India was saved and I cried when she screamed with joy when her name was announced!


Team Kari:

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)

India Carney (Team Christina)


I’ve got two very talented ladies left, but I’m cheering for India to win The Voice!

The Voice Season Eight Top 6 by The He Said She Said Experience


He Said:

Team RJ was hit hard by last night’s eliminations. Quirky Hannah Kirby and country cutie Corey Kent White going home reduces my team down to just Koryn Hawthorne and Joshua Davis. So now I have 1 person from team Adam, and 1 person from Team Pharrell, and 1 male and 1 female.

Team RJ:

Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell)


At this point I think that Pharrell will have a winning season, but sadly I don’t think it will be with my pick. It’s pretty obvious from itunes top 150 that Sawyer Fredericks is running away with this competition. Even though Kari and I still have 4 out of the top 6, I don’t think either one of us has the winner. Which is a shame because I don’t think Sawyer is ready for the adulation he’s receiving. Sometimes young people can surprise you with how much pathos they can put into their performances, but that is not Sawyer. He just doesn’t feel like he’s lived very much, and this week’s performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” was a prime example of a song that can have a tremendous amount of weight falling flat.

The Voice Season Eight Top 6 by The He Said She Said Experience

Anyway, I was glad that we were able to have a hand in saving India until next week because she really did perform better than Corey. I think it’s a shame that Hannah’s version of “Radioactive” didn’t connect with the audience, because I really liked it.


 What do you think about the top 6? Is your favorite contestant still in the competition?

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