The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League: Top Eight

the voice season eight fnatasy league

This post is part of our The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League series, to see our original team rosters click here.

the voice season eight fnatasy league
The last members of Team Kari Meghan Linsey and India Carney


She Said:

Team Kari has gotten much smaller this week. Deanna Johnson and Rob Taylor went home. I’m so upset about Rob! I think he’s such a talented singer and I keep that he keeps pursuing music. He sings with such an effortless, beautiful range. I’m very disappointed that he didn’t get to stay. His performance was so strong and if you follow us on twitter you know I was very active during the Instant Save! I’ve not enjoyed this season for a while and this elimination certainly doesn’t make me like it more!

Team Kari

India Carney (Team Christina)

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)

My team is still in with two strong singers who could win it. We’ll see.

We'll miss Rob Taylor!
We’ll miss Rob Taylor!

He Said:

My team was untouched by this week’s eliminations, so my breakdown remains the same: 2 boys and 2 girls with 1 person form both Team Adam and Team Pharrell, and 2 artists from Team Blake. With 4 out of the top 8 on my team at this point, I’m feeling pretty good that I could win the crown this year!

Team RJ

Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

Corey Kent White (Team Blake)

Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)

Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell)


I really hate that Rob went home because he’s gotten better and better every week, and he’s someone I was really rooting for, even though he didn’t make it on my team.


This week marked somewhat of a boiling over point for me on another front as well, that of Meghan Linsey and her suitability for this competition. There have been other competitors that have been looking for a second chance at fame on this show, and I don’t have a problem with that. If your agent, or manager can get you an audition spot and you impress the judges that’s fine, and makes for good television. I’m not that naïve to think that everyone is plucked out of complete and utter obscurity. But Megan is a pretty flagrant violation of any sense of “needing” this show. She’s one half of an only recently defunct country duo Steel Magnolia, which has charted on Billboard, and been nominated for numerous awards including ACM, CMT and CMA awards. All this success has been in the past five years, and the breakup was only last year. By the way, she also released a single to country radio as a solo artist last year as well.


Meghan Linsey with Carson Daly
Meghan Linsey with Carson Daly

I wouldn’t have even realized how bad this was if she hadn’t been admitting she knew almost every advisor she’s encountered, and of course the talk of knowing Blake for years and being his opening act at one point.


Think it’s not a big deal? Ask yourself how much farther one of your favorites that got sent home could have gone if not for someone like this being a ringer.


I’m not going to stop watching The Voice at this point in the season, but I am disappointed that they would stoop to something like this.


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