The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League: Top Ten

(This post is part of our The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League series. Click on the links to see our original team rosters and our interview with  contestant Kelsie May.)

The Top 12
The Top 12

She Said:

Remember last week when I said I was really over this season of The Voice? Well, I’m even more tired of it this week. I think that Koryn Hawthorne gave the best performance of the night and I’m glad she was safe. I feel really bad that Brian Johnson and Mia Z went home because I think they are very talented I was happy to see more Christian music, but there was also more Fifty Shades music. My team is still 4 strong, tied with team RJ. I’ve got 3 girls and 1 guy with the team split being 2 for Team Christina, 1 for Team Blake and 1 for Team Adam.


I’m coasting this out. I miss a lot of the talent previously sent home. I’m tired of the bad musical choices too and find myself watching a lot on fast-forward.


Team Kari

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)

India Carney (Team Christina)

Rob Taylor (Team Christina)

Deanna Johnson (Team Adam)


Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson

 He Said:

This week Team RJ suffered a loss with Brian Johnson going home. I like Brian a lot, and hope he does well moving forward. It was very undeserving to see him go home, and while Adam didn’t want to pick one team member over another, I think what he said meant that he was rooting for Brian to stay. So we’re very sad to lose Brian here at Team RJ. Now I’ve got 4 people left. I’ve got 2 boys and 2 girls. As far as coaches go, the breakdown is 2 Blake, 1 Pharrell, and 1 Adam. Good luck next week guys!

Team RJ

Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)

Corey Kent White (Team Blake)

Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell)


What about you? Are you still enjoying the show? Is your favorite still in the mix?


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