The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League: Semi-Finals

The Voice - Season 8

The Voice - Season 8

This post is part of our The Voice Season Eight Fantasy League series. Click on the links to see original team rosters or our interview with Kelsie May.



She Said:

Okay, India Carney went home. I’m really done. I don’t think the right person went home. I like Koryn Hawthorne and think she seems like an excellent young lady, but I don’t think she should have advanced over India.


My team is now down to just one Meghan Linsey. I haven’t commented previously on how I feel about Meghan being in the competition. At first I was delighted because I remembered her from Steel Magnolia and had liked her from Can You Duet. But, as the weeks have progressed and it’s evident that she has so many connections in Nashville (that most struggling artists would kill for) and I remembered that she’s been nominated for major music awards (ACM, CMA and CMT, etc.), that I’m now really bothered she’s on The Voice. She’s had so much success, how can anyone classify her as an unknown just because her solo career hasn’t taken off?


Also, everyone keeps talking about this getting back to her real sound I don’t get it, because she sounds the same as she sounded when she sang with Steel Magnolia. She had a bluesy sound then and she has a bluesy sound now. Sure, her song choices are different but her voice is not.


So, I guess I’m just out. This has been a very disappointing season of The Voice. Congratulations to Sawyer Fredericks, who I’m sure will win. How do I know? Have you seen the iTunes charts? The other three, not even Meghan Linsey with the power of Nashville (where she apparently knows everyone) behind her can change the fact that Sawyer will win.

India Carney
India Carney

He Said:

Last night left Team RJ untouched, so we’re still at 2 people (Joshua Davis and Koryn Hawthorne) going into the finale. They’re both good performers, so it’s a shame that neither is going to win. Sawyer Fredericks still has it all sown up with his aww shucks attitude, “pretty” eyes, and song choices that tween girls haven’t heard before that make him seem (to them) much deeper than his performances actually show to the rest of us. If these fans had any experience with the originals they’d know that he is butchering these songs, and removing all grit and emotion!


I’m still a little torn about the results last night. I don’t think India OR Koryn were the worst performers left on this show, so to see them in that position was sad. As hard as it is for me to say, I think the wrong person went home. I like Koryn, but she still has a few vocal crutches that bother me that India lacks. At the end of the day, I think it came down to poor song choice for India. I hope she has a good career moving forward.


I wish Joshua were able to rally somehow and win the competition, but I don’t see that happening. Good luck to the remaining members of Team RJ and I hope you do great in the finale.

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis

Are you still watching The Voice? Who’s your favorite contestant? Who do you think will win?

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