The Voice Season Nine Fantasy League: After Battle Rounds

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: (l-r) Amy Vachal, Jubal Lee Young, Amanda Preslar -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

This post is part of  our The Voice Season Nine Fantasy League series. To see our original team rosters, click here.

The Voice Season 9 Fantasy League- After the Battle Rounds by The He Said She Said Experience
Jubal Lee Young and Amanda Preslar

She Said:

Now that the Battle Rounds are over, I’m happy to say that my The Voice Season 9 Fantasy League Team has nine singers that it made it through! I’m sad to see that I lost Alex Kandel and Sydney Rhame. I didn’t even get to see their battles! I’m definitely sorry to have lost Krista Hughes too, she has such a beautiful old-fashioned voice. But, I’m devastated to have lost Jubal and Amanda. I adore them. Their voices are so compelling and blend so beautifully together. I’ve been upset about some eliminations, but that one really upset me. You messed that up Pharrell, straight up got it wrong. Alas, it’s done. Here’s how Team Kari looks now:

  1. Morgan Frazier (Team Pharrell)
  2. Keith Semple (Team Adam)
  3. Amy Vachal (Team Pharrell)
  4. Nadjah Nicole (Team Blake)
  5. Dustin Christensen (Team Adam)
  6. Kota Wade (Team Gwen)
  7. Ellie Lawrence (Team Gwen)
  8. James Dupre (Team Adam)
  9. Jeffrey Austin (Team Gwen)


As is customary to our Voice fantasy league, we each are to now add two new members to our team. The new additions to Team Kari for our Voice Season 9 Fantasy League are:

The Voice Season 9 Fantasy League- After the Battle Rounds by The He Said She Said Experience
Emily Ann Roberts
  1. Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)
  2. Regina Love (Team Gwen)


I loved Emily Ann from the beginning but just didn’t have room on my team. She’s a beautiful girl with such a lilting, lovely country voice. She’s from Knoxville, TN so she’s an East TN girl just like me (I’m from Morristown) and that makes me love her even more! Regina has an amazing voice and thanks to her I’ve been singing “Like I Can” up in RJ’s face for the past two weeks. I’m so in awe of her talent. This girl can sing!


My team consists of 11 people total 2 picks from Team Pharrell, 3 picks from Team Adam, 2 from Team Blake, 4 picks from Team Gwen with 7 ladies and 4 guys! Good luck, Team Kari. I’m excited to see how the rest of my team does!


(Pharrell, that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten that you sent home Jubal and Amanda. I’m still really bothered by that. You sent home an amazing duo on one of my favorite songs and you were just plain wrong to do that!)


Also, can John Fogerty please, please, PLEASE be my musical advisor?

The Voice Season 9 Fantasy League- After the Battle Rounds by The He Said She Said Experience
Manny Cabo and Keith Semple

He Said:

With the Battle Rounds behind us, I have mixed emotions. Sadly, the first ever Team He Said She Said Experience is now entirely eliminated by losing the awesome Jubal and Amanda from a horrible call by Pharrell. I lost some team members that I was very excited about (Manny Cabo and Tyler Dickerson among others). Manny was particularly set up to fail by pairing him with Keith Semple, who’s Irish to sing a song written by The Who, who are British. It also looked like Manny had to sing the harder (higher) parts of the song without the lead up that the song provides. I don’t like it when my artists are the beneficiary of favoritism either. I like Evan and am glad to have him, but don’t like that Pharrell gave him a Stevie Wonder song to sing. That’s his favorite artist! Not only was that mentioned in his audition, but Pharrell even had him sing some of a Stevie Wonder song before Evan selected his coach. How did the other person even have a chance? I think I’ve still got a great team, and that one of these singers could be the next winner of The Voice. Good job team!

  1. Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen)
  2. Chris Crump (Team Blake)
  3. Evan McKeel (Team Pharrell)
  4. Ivonne Acero (Team Blake)
  5. Shelby Brown (Team Adam)
  6. Summer Schapell (Team Gwen)
  7. Jordan Smith (Team Adam)


The Voice Season 9 Fantasy League- After the Battle Rounds by The He Said She Said Experience
Barrett Baber, Carson Daly and Dustin Christensen

My two “steals” were:

  1. Viktor Kiraly (Team Adam)
  2. Barrett Baber (Team Blake)

I picked both of these guys for my team for the same reason. I wanted them initially, but didn’t wind up with room for them on my team. I’m glad to have both Viktor and Barrett aboard Team RJ!


I’m left with a team of 9 contestants after the battle rounds. This includes 6 men and 3 women. As far as coaches, I’ve got 2 from Team Gwen, 3 from Team Blake, 1 from Team Pharrell, and 3 from Team Adam. I’m looking forward to who can pull through to the next round!



Who are you cheering for? Have any of your favorite artists been eliminated? How are your fantasy league teams doing? Tell us in the comments!


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