The Voice Season Nine Fantasy League- Live Playoff- Week 1

The Voice - Season 9

(This post is part of our The Voice Season Nine Fantasy League series, to check out our original team rosters click here)

So far we’ve built our teams as much like we’ve been coaches as possible. We picked our original teams from those that made it through their Blind Auditions (sadly even at that stage there were some contestants we would have liked to have on our team that didn’t make it). As the Battle Rounds and Knockout Rounds progressed we took 2 steals and then 1 steal by picking additional team members from those that advanced. This week, a new wrinkle was introduced: the coaches brought back one member from their team that was eliminated in the Battle Rounds or the Knockouts. So how did we decide to handle this for our Voice fantasy teams? We’re not adding any new team members by choice. We’re only getting back on our team any returning members, not picking any new ones. This season it meant one of us got some people back, while the other got no returning members. Next season, it may be reversed, or it may even out, or they may not use this same gimmick. We just thought this was the only fair way to do it. Want to find out who benefited this time? Keep reading below and we’ll tell you!

The Voice Fantasy League Season Nine: Live Playoffs Week 1- by The He Said She Said Experience
Keith Semple

She Said:

I’m very disappointed that Lyndsey Elm (check out our interview with her later this week), Jubal & Amanda and Manny Cabo were not brought back! But I’m pleased to have Ellie Lawrence and Nadjah Nicole back on my team.

Which artists have stood out for me so far in the live playoffs of the competition? Keith Semple is earnest, has an amazingly piercing voice and has a very dynamic performance style. While a few of the vocal choices in Amy Vachal’s rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight” felt a bit off, I thought it was lovely and unique. I really detest “Lips of an Angel” so it was hard to me to enjoy Morgan Frazier’s performance. I loved that Emily Ann Roberts sang one of my favorite hymns, “In the Garden, “ but I didn’t agree with some of the choices in the arrangement. Even though I loved that she wore cowboy boots I wish that they had given her a longer dress. It felt too short to be worn sitting on a stool and she seemed really uncomfortable, especially when she had to stand up. I’m always happy to see another East TN girl doing well and I’m excited to see her advance. Keith, Emily Ann and Amy are my three favorite singers on Team Kari.


Here’s what my team looks like right now:

Team Kari

  1. Morgan Frazier- Team Blake
  2. Nadjah Nicole- Team Blake
  3. Emily Ann Roberts- Team Blake
  4. Keith Semple- Team Adam
  5. Amy Vachal- Team Adam
  6. Blaine Mitchell- Team Adam (added after Knockouts)
  7. Jeffrey Austin- Team Gwen
  8. Ellie Lawrence- Team Gwen
  9. Regina Love- Team Gwen


My team is comprised 6 girls and 3 guys, with 3 members from Team Blake, 3 members from Team Adam and 3 members from Team Gwen.


I’m nervous to see who will make it into the top 12! I hope a lot of members from Team Kari!


The Voice Fantasy League Season Nine: Live Playoffs Week 1- by The He Said She Said Experience
Amy Vachal



He Said:

The Voice Fantasy League Season Nine: Live Playoffs Week 1- by The He Said She Said Experience
Shelby Brown

I feel like I’ve done really well so far this year. I actually have more team members than any of the judges! I think I’ve got some great people on this roster, and really think I have the winner among them. Here’s my team:

Team RJ

  1. Shelby Brown- Team Adam
  2. Jordan Smith- Team Adam
  3. Barrett Baber- Team Blake
  4. Ivone Acero- Team Blake
  5. Braiden Sunshine- Team Gwen
  6. Viktor Kiraly- Team Gwen
  7. Evan McKeel- Team Pharrell
  8. Korin Bukowski- Team Gwen (added after Knockouts)

So I’ve got 3 women and 5 men, and I’ve got 2 members each from Team Blake and Team Adam, and 3 from Team Gwen and 1 from Team Pharrell. I’m really looking forward to where I stand after this week’s eliminations. I’ve got to lose more people at some point!

The Voice Fantasy League Season Nine: Live Playoffs Week 1- by The He Said She Said Experience
Korin Bukowski

How are your Voice favorites doing? Who do you wish that the judges would’ve brought back? Let us know in the comments below.

The Voice - Season 9

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