5 Summer Family Mottos

5 Summer Family Mottos from Bringing Up Bates and The He Said She Said Experience

5 Summer Family Mottos from Bringing Up Bates and The He Said She Said Experience

She Said:

I know summer doesn’t officially start for another few weeks, but as soon as Memorial Day passes, it feels like summer to me. Planning is one of my favorite activities and when you are the family planner or calendar keeper it’s important to keep your focus on your objectives. Summer is a popular season for weddings, graduations, showers, moving and vacations. How can you keep all that busyness straight? I like to take tips from the pros and Gil and Kelly Jo Bates of Bringing Up Bates know a thing or 20 about how to plan for a busy and special summer. The best way to focus on your objectives is by using family mottos and the members of the Bates family have some great advice for summer.


Have you heard of the Bates family of Bringing Up Bates? Gil and Kelly Jo Bates are from East TN (just like me) and they have a large and growing family of children and grandchildren. I love watching this show because you get to know a real family. We see their jokes, their tears, and they feel like real people that you know. In the past seasons of Bringing Up Bates we’ve seen the Bates family go through some awesome summer experiences and they’re always happy to share their memories and their advice with others. As we get ready to watch the Bates enjoy another fun summer with the premiere of Season 4 of Bringing Up Bates (June 2nd at PPM ET on UP), let’s take a look at some family mottos, perfect for summer


“Duct tape is always important.”- Nathan

This is true. (It’s also true for packing tape, vinegar and hand wipes.)

5 Summer Family Mottos from Bringing Up Bates and The He Said She Said Experience


“An ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure.”- Gil

It’s worth the time to check and make sure everyone has a wearable swimming costume and flotation devices. You have to make sure that the diaper bags have the diapers, wipes and sunscreen. Plus, you have itinerary for your day planned. Then whether you’re enjoying a day at the pool, a day at the beach or any kind of adventure you’re at the ready.


“Shoot for the moon, but know when to simplify.”- Kari and RJ of The He Said She Said Experience (That’s us!)

I love to plan elaborate things for holidays, especially picnics. While it’s always fun to plan lots of new dishes and some favorites that take extra time, it’s important to not push yourself so much you can’t have any fun. Before we had G, I’m afraid we had a few too many meals after 10:00pm on the 4th of July due to a too-crowded schedule. I’ve since learned it’s great to dream big, but know your priorities for holiday cooking and know which things you can eliminate for another day when you feel a time crunch.

5 Summer Family Mottos from Bringing Up Bates and The He Said She Said Experience

“It takes patience.”- Carlin

A great vacation takes patience to plan and execute. Traveling takes patience. And when you have a party sometimes the prep work can get a little harried or tedious. But, if you just slow down and focus on the task at hand. You’ll find that as you focus and relax, the memories that you’re making start to reveal themselves. Memories are what make for a great summer. One of the things I enjoy most about watching Bringing Up Bates is that it’s such a positive show and it always makes me want to spend more time with own family.

5 Summer Family Mottos from Bringing Up Bates and The He Said She Said Experience

“We’ve got it let’s go get a pizza-“ Lawson

There’s nothing better than getting a celebratory pizza after completing a task! What’s your favorite summer treat food? Just make sure that when you’re serving a big crowd like the Bates family always does, make sure to have extra plates and cups at the ready.

5 Summer Family Mottos from Bringing Up Bates and The He Said She Said Experience

What are you doing this summer? Are you planning for some family fun? Make sure to check out the season 4 premiere of Bringing Up Bates on Up!, Thursday, June 2nd at 9 pm Eastern. Check your cable or satellite provider for channel number and set your DVR! Thursday nights just got exciting again due to #BringingUpBates.

If you can’t wait for the premiere too or are excited to learn more about the Bates family, you can also join in the Bringing Up Bates Twitter chat during the premiere (June 2nd from 9-10 PM Eastern). As we watch the show, including details of Gil’s health scare and find out how the family is changing and growing up, you can actually get a chance to about the premiere and maybe even win some cool prizes. I’ll see you there!


(This post was sponsored by UP Entertainment, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. All images are also from UP.)


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  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing! Traveling does indeed take patience and I don’t have nearly as many folks as the Bates’ do to worry
    about. I think I remember they had to pack 55 outfits just to go camping for the weekend! SO crazy! Looking forward to the
    premiere and hope you had a great Memorial Day!

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