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Flavored Peanut M&M's: Review by The He Said She Said ExperienceThis year to celebrate their 75th anniversary, Mars Incorporated is releasing 3 new flavors of M&M’s Chocolate Peanut Candies. The catch is that only one of them will become permanent and we get to vote to determine the one that stays. The three flavors are Coffee Nut, Chili Nut and Honey Nut, and voting continues until June 17.  We decided to have our own peanut M&M’s Taste test and see which one we liked. Here’s what we thought about them and which one we’re voting for.

Coffee Nut- Flavored Peanut M&M's: Review by The He Said She Said Experience

Coffee Nut

She Said:Ugh. I hate coffee! I’ve maybe tasted two lightly flavored coffee items in the past ten years that I actually kind of liked. The worst part of the Coffee Nut flavor is that it has all the sharpness and acid of coffee without any of the warmth or richness.

He Said: I like Coffee Nut. It has an upscale feel to it that was surprising. It does however seem a little strong, and I don’t think I could see myself buying this flavor very often.

Chili Nut- Flavored Peanut M&M's: Review by The He Said She Said Experience

Chili Nut

She Said:I was most excited about this flavor. But it didn’t taste like chilli? It didn’t even taste spicy. I had some heat in the back of my throat, but none of the spicy sweet heat I was hoping for.

He Said: I was excited to taste this flavor unfortunately I couldn’t taste the chili. I felt the heat in my throat, and on the back of my tongue as I ate more, but the heat never reached the front of my palate. And there was no flavor of chili.

Honey Nut- Flavored Peanut M&M's: Review by The He Said She Said Experience

Honey Nut

She Said:Honey Nut was the best new flavor, but I was really annoyed that it still tasted fake. I realize that M&M’s don’t grow on trees, but I hoped these things would actually taste as though the accents were natural.

He Said: Honey Nut was my favorite flavor. It had a sweetness, but also a smoothness to it as well. It doesn’t feel too rich or just overpoweringly sweet. This variety is really a keeper.


My vote goes to:

She Said :I vote to just keep regular peanut M&M’s and leave it at that

He Said: Honey Nut

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3 thoughts on “Flavored Peanut M&M’s

  1. That is so funny because my son and I also did the taste test. I agree that the Honey Nut was the best, but it did have a little bit
    of an artificial taste to it. So fun!

  2. As a huge candy lover, I can’t believe I haven’t seen the new flavored M&M’s yet! I will definitely have to keep my eye out for
    them, but it will be tough for them to beat the peanut butter M&M’s (my fav!).

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