She Loves Me Viewing Party Recipes

She Loves Me Viewing Party Recipes

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I’ve been excited about the live stream of She Loves Me since I first heard about it. I also started thinking what kind of fun and delicious treats I wanted to make for a viewing party. After all, it’s G’s first Broadway show! Since we recently moved and are still buried in boxes and can’t find things I’ve had to scale back my original plans. After researching Hungary and the 1930’s, I’ve devised two simple recipes perfect for celebrating the Broadway HD live stream of Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of She Loves Me!

She Loves Me Viewing Party Recipes

Since “Vanilla Ice Cream,” especially Laura Benanti’s sparkling rendition, is something that we are most excited about, I wanted to base a dish around vanilla ice cream. I discovered some great desserts when I was researching Hungarian cuisine, but I was especially inspired by a specialty called Gundel Pancake or Gundel Palacsinta. It’s a flambéed crepe originally created by the Gundel restaurant in Budapest. While they keep their recipe top-secret I’ve managed to come up with a very simplified version called the Hungarian G Sundae Sauce. The original recipe has a very thick chocolate sauce and contains ground walnuts, orange, rum and raisins. I’ve decided to make a dark chocolate ice cream sauce with cinnamon, paprika (the national spice of Hungary) and top it with shelled walnuts for a crunch. It’s sweet, rich, spicy almost holiday treat.

Here’s the recipe:


Hungarian G Sundae Sauce (makes enough for 4 sundaes)

2 tablespoons butter

1 cup of milk

1/3 cup of brown sugar

1 cup plus ¼ of dark chocolate chips plus more for garnish

½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon paprika

Vanilla ice cream

handful of shelled walnuts for garnish for each sundae



Melt butter over low heat. Add milk and brown sugar. Stir until melted. When milk starts to slightly bubble add chocolate. Mix until most lumps are gone. Then add cinnamon and paprika. Allow to cool slightly before adding to vanilla ice cream (of course) and topping with shelled walnuts. Sauce will keep in glass jar or Pyrex container for a week.


I also wanted to come with a fun drink. Something a little sweet and a little bubbly- just like She Loves Me. I thought the combination of sweet strawberries and zesty ginger bubbles would be sure to put anyone in a festive mood. Here’s the recipe:


Amalia’s Love Parfum

1/8 cup of strawberry puree

1 cup of ginger ale


Put strawberry puree in a glass, add ginger ale. It’s that easy.


Okay, I’ve got to go get dinner together because I can’t wait to sample these intermission treats. Have fun watching She Loves Me tonight and check back tomorrow for our review of the show!

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  1. Oh yum, I love the idea of paprika, chocolate and cinnamon! What a great combination. I will have to give this a try! Excited to
    hear your review!

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