Sinead Kerr-Marshall Interview

Sinead Kerr-Marshall Interview with The He Said She Said Experience

Sinead Kerr-Marshall along with brother John Kerr (interview coming soon) are one of our favorite ice dance teams and seven-time British National champions. They are known for their creative choreography and being the coolest siblings in figure skating. We got a chance to chat with Sinead  at the taping of the Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family skating Tribute 2016. (And yes, she’s even more gorgeous up close and so sweet!)

Sinead Kerr-Marshall Interview with The He Said She Said Experience

Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Hi! Nice to meet you.


Kari: Hello! And this is our son G. Remember that Mumford and Sons program you like so much? That’s her.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: (to G) How are you? You watch that?


Kari: Yes. That’s one of his favorite programs


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Ours too.


Kari: He likes to re-watch that on the DVR. You all are so great. I was just talking to John and saying we love how creative you are.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Thank you.


Kari: Do you like creating new programs and new things that come up? Is that something that you enjoy?

Sinead Kerr-Marshall Interview with The He Said She Said Experience
Sinead Kerr-Marhsall & John Kerr photo by Brittany Evans, from Disson Skating

Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Oh yeah. There’s nothing better than creating a new program. It’s funny this is a show with a live act [Dan +Shay were the live musical act] so you don’t have that kind of input, but you can put your own spin on things, like create in your own way. It turns out different than if you’d picked your own music, so it’s always interesting.


Kari: We always love seeing you guys skate because you’re so creative..


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Thank you.


Kari: You’re one of our favorites.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: We both love entertaining people.


Kari: You caught our eyes early in your career. We said “Who are they? They are awesome. We love them”


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Thank you.


Kari: What’s your favorite part about getting to be a part of the Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Being part of the family show is very cool and we’re the ones that are not with all the kids running around. We’re actually skating like how we can normally skate. Like with the other parents are “Okay, we can skate a little bit and then do a bit with the kids” which is always a bit different at this show, but it’s fun being part of the family atmosphere at this show. And being with the other skaters and their kids and it’s a really fun kind of chilled out vibe.


RJ: Being a family show it just wouldn’t feel right if you weren’t here with you guys being a family act.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Yeah, I know. It works in perfectly. Normally their always asking the skaters and their kids, but I guess they get the fact that “they’re brother and sister, of course they should be in the family show.”


Kari: What family traditions do you look forward to every year?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: I think we have a big family Christmas tradition. My mum loves to do Christmas, and that’s back in Scotland and we try to go every year. I think Christmas is a big one and also summer time we all try and get back in the summer as well and be with the folks back home in Scotland, so that’s a big one too.


Kari: What holiday treat do you look forward to?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: I love turkey. I love my turkey and stuffing and cranberries and mashed potatoes, and all that stuff. Christmas dinner stuff. I love it at Thanksgiving and I love having it at Christmas time as well. I’m all about cozying up as well. Whenever you can cozy up with a nice hot chocolate.


Kari: Oh yes.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Or something I always like this time of year, fall into winter, which is one of my favorite times of year. I like when it when it starts to get darker. I like to cook, making casseroles, soups and chilis, funs stuff like that.


Kari: What are some of your favorite things to cook?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: I have a lot of things I like cooking. I love doing dishes with a bit of Italian flair, they’re always tasty. I make some good Caesar salad where I do it from scratch, everything right there.


Kari: Oh wow.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: That’s more of a summer one. You know what? I love Pinterest and my husband’s always like “Why don’t you try this” and I’m like “Okay.”


Kari: That’s great. We always ask some weird random questions, so clear your mind. Answer the first thing that you think of. Coke or Sprite?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Coke


Kari: Rudolph or Frosty?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Rudolph


Kari: Pumpkin or Apple?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Pumpkin


Kari: Cinnamon or Chocolate?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Cinnamon


Kari: Lemon or Grapefruit?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Lemon?


Kari: Yellow or Blue?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Blue


Kari: Interesting. People wonder what kind of weird questions where going to ask, and I say “Honestly, I don’t know until I get in there.”
RJ: And the most fun part is sitting back and responding, “really?”


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Hmmm, that was an odd choice. Makes you second-guess yourself.


Kari: Or it can lead to really interesting stories, because we were talking to Gracie Gold and asked her about pancakes. She had a big reaction I thought, “okay, this is going to be good.”


We have a few more we always ask. So you’re in the car and you’ve got to get pumped up for an event. What song is your go to song?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Oh gosh, that’s so hard because I love so much music. At the moment I like listening to Barns Courtney “Fire.” I think usually I would go with some kind of Brit band we’ve used in the past like Muse. I like Mumford and Sons as well. I think anyone we’ve ever skated to is usually a band I would go to first. So yeah, let’s go for… For an overall thing I would go for Muse.


RJ: If you could be one superhero, who would you be and why?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: I’d be Wonder Woman. I think I have the muscles for it!

Sinead Kerr-Marshall Interview with The He Said She Said Experience
Sinead Kerr-Marshall & John Kerr, photo by Brittany Evans, from Disson Skating

Kari: Yeah, you’re strong! So we have this little man G and he already is dying to get out on the ice. They wouldn’t actually let take skating lessons because he’s too little so he took ballet.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Oh, Good.


Kari: So he’s learning how to jump and point his toes and good things like that.


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: That’s great.


Kari: What would be your one piece to advice for him as a skater?


Sinead Kerr-Marshall: Knees. Bend your knees. If you’re totally rigid and upright in your knees to you can’t do anything but as long as you have nice soft knees, that’s the most important thing.


Kari: Awesome. Thank you so much.



Thanks so much to Sinead for chatting with us. She is WonderWoman! You catch Sinead Kerr-Marshall & John Kerr, Nancy Kerrigan, Paul Wylie and more in the Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute airing on ABC at 3:00pm EST November 27th and re-airing on December 11th at 3:00pm. For more information about the show, click here.


(All photos unless otherwise noted belong to The He Said She Said Experience)


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