10 Kids Shows That We Love!


Between Mommy (Kari) being pregnant, cold weather and G still being relatively small we do enjoy some TV treats in our house. Now we never watch all these shows all in one day, but here’s a list of the shows that G really enjoys at a little over two-years-old.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

We’re beginning potty training so this episode and the music have been invaluable so far. We do have a copy of the book, too. G really loves Daniel, Katerina and Prince Wednesday. I often find myself singing the songs from the show to help encourage him with good behaviors too. You catch Daniel Tiger on a variety of PBS stations, check your local listings for time and channel.

Fave episodes: Daniel Goes to the Potty, Be a Vegetable Taster and Snowflake Day!


Quigley’s Village

I loved this Christian puppet show as a child and G adores it too. Especially Bubba. It’s a great way for kids to learn character lessons, Bible stories and about prayer. G has been joining us in bedtime prayer for a few weeks and it’s so precious to hear what he’s thankful for. (Usually music, Baby G, toys and food!) Quigley’s Village also airs on Smile.

Fave episodes: Sing-Along, The Playground Popcorn Explosion and The Great Treehouse Disaster


We actually had a Zou-themed birthday party for G. This inquisitive little zebra with the cutest friends in the world is a great show for little ones to watch. G has even picked up things like how to play badminton, in addition to learning about good basics like taking turns and opposites. Zou airs on Sprout.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.jpg

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

I loved this show so dearly as child and now G does too. He definitely catches the similarities between Daniel Tiger and Misters Rogers’ shows. He really loves when Mister Rogers sings or does neat things like visit the zoo. You can catch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on some PBS affiliates and on Amazon.

Fave episode: Did anyone not love visiting the Crayon Factory?


Furchester Hotel

G likes Sesame Street characters, but doesn’t always dig the show. However, he adores the charming British cousin to Sesame Street, Furchester Hotel. The show is a little more fun and little light on education. But it does feature Elmo, Cookie Monster and some really cute conflict resolution themes. You can check out Furchester Hotel on Sprout and on Netflix.

Davey and Goliath title card.png

Davey and Goliath

Another childhood fave for RJ and me too that G loves and I appreciate the great character lessons. They may be a little above his head right now, but he loves the animation and he does love hearing about God. Davey and Goliath airs on Smile and TBN, plus you can buy collections of episodes.

Peg+Cat Intertitle.png

Peg + Cat

I really like how this show makes math so fun and approachable. He’s starting to understand patterns and he’s great at counting (which of course we spend more time practicing in real life than watching on TV, but it’s a good supplement). I don’t like some of the episodes themes, so just make sure you pre-screen before letting little ones watch.

Fave episodes: The George Washington Problem


Sesame Street

I don’t enjoy the more recent seasons of the show and apparently neither does G. He seems to prefer seeing older episodes and always likes songs and anytime Bert and Ernie are around. Keep an eye out for some of the movie parodies though; many times they really are too mature and SNL-esque for little ones. You can still catch new-ish episodes of Sesame Street on PBS affiliates or you can buy various collections.

Fave episodes: Kids’ Favorite Songs, Learning About Letters and Let’s Eat! Funny Food Songs


The Berenstain Bears

While we would both rather read some of our Berenstain Bears books, this show can be good for a day when Mommy’s under the weather. The show features stories that are both familiar to longtime-readers as well as some new stories too. You can find The Berenstain Bears show on Sprout or buy collections on Amazon.


The Lawrence Welk Show

I know, I know. It’s not really a kid’s show. But, I’ve always loved it. G loves it. And if you think it’s not adorable that a little kid can appreciate great music like Lawrence Welk, then you’ve obviously never heard him sing “Jeepers Creepers” or “I Got Rhythm.” I like that overall the shows are so clean (I do edit out numbers that I feel are inappropriate, but it’s not a lot) and I love the music too. You can watch The Lawrence Welk Show on PBS affiliates.



What shows do your little ones enjoy watching?

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