Baby Z: Gender Guess

Baby Z: Gender Guess
Baby Z: Gender Guess
Kari and Z at 17 weeks!

Okay, let’s try this again. Hi guys! We hope that we are finally back to blogging for you again! Kari is 17 weeks pregnant with Baby Z and can’t wait to find out the gender. Do you want to guess too? Here’s a list of Kari’s symptoms compiled from reading way too many gender guess articles!


Are you carrying high or low?

I (Kari) think I’m carrying low, I always think this question doesn’t make much sense. According to the old wives’ tale that means it could be a boy.


Is the baby’s heart rate faster or slower?

While it’s been observed that girls have faster heartbeats in utero, G had a faster heartbeat just like this baby and he’s a boy.


Are you very nauseous?

YES! Good grief that’s why no one has seen or heard from me in months. They say that means it’s a girl. I just know I’ve never been this sick for this long in my life. The sickness was terrible with G, but it’s even worse with Z.


Sweet or salty cravings?

I’ve had a lot more sweet cravings and that’s supposed to mean a girl. But, I did love my Oatmeal Crème pies with G too. I do spend a lot more time thinking about ice cream than I ever have before.


Are your feet warmer or colder?

Much warmer! I can’t even sleep in socks sometimes and I always had cold feet before. Little girls are allegedly the culprit for warmer feet.


Busy bee?

G was so busy! This little one is much, much more relaxed and likes to press into me, although recently we’ve started feeling more little kicks. They say boys are more energetic, so that’s another indication it could be a girl.


Kari’s guess

I think it’s a girl. Between the pressing, the sickness being so much worse and feeling more emotional this time, I really think it’s a girl. As long as it’s healthy, I will be overjoyed.


RJ’s guess

I’m not sure about the gender, but I think it may be a girl. This one seems different in pretty big ways. And some of those ways like the pressing are things that Kari did when she was in utero. (Kari says: I called my mom to ask if my sister or I pressed more than kicked and she said yes, that we were both pressers.)



G’s request

Our two-year-old has been VERY demonstrative in what he would like. A sister, as a matter of fact, two sisters, (Baby Z is a singleton), I think Daniel Tiger and Margaret may have something to do with this. He insists it’s a girl.



So what do you think? Is Baby Z a boy or girl, we’ll know in just a few weeks and we can’t wait! After all, that’s when the most fun part of the registry setup and planning happens.

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