Baby Z: Gender Reveal

Baby Z: Gender Reveal

She Said:

Today felt like Christmas, well Christmas heavily peppered with anxiety and questions. Would Baby Z be okay? Would Baby Z be a boy or a girl? We’ve been wondering and trying to guess the gender of Baby Z. RJ, G, several friends, several readers, my doctor and myself (Kari) were all convinced that Baby Z would in fact be a girl.

Baby Z: Gender Reveal
He was pointing and jabbing at the ultrasound transducer. He’s feisty.

But, then I saw this face and they told me it was a boy and I was just so grateful that he’s ours! G had been protesting long and loud that he didn’t want a brother and insisted on a sister. When we told him it was a boy and said the baby’s name, he smiled and said he wanted to kiss the baby in my belly and said, “we love him.” Indeed, my precious boy we do!


For privacy reasons, we don’t, at least at this time, publicly share our children’s names so G will remain being called G and our newest, youngest son will be called Baby Z. At least until he gets too old to be referred to all the time as Baby Z or when Baby #3 happens. 😉

Baby Z: Gender Reveal
Kari at 20 weeks with Baby Z

We thank you all so much for the love and support we have received during our time of bereavement for my Pappaw. He was such a wonderful man and I’m so glad that hearing a piece of his story touched so many of you. Our son Z will carry my Pappaw’s first name as his middle name, so that’s another little piece of my Pappaw that I’ll get to carry.


Thank you all for your prayers and for your continuing prayers for this pregnancy. We hope that we’ll get good news from the results of the ultrasound. My stomach is very sore right now because the ultrasound technician pressed so hard trying to get the right images. Baby Z simply would not be still!


We’re very happy and we can’t wait to meet this boy.

RJ, Kari and G

Baby Z: Gender Reveal
The 4 of us!
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