Gracie Gold: 2017 Stars on Ice Interview

Gracie Gold: 2017 Stars on Ice Interview

Gracie Gold is a two-time National figure skating champion and an Olympic bronze medalist for the team event in figure skating. As one of figure skater’s most elegant ladies, it’s always thrilling to watch Gracie skate. You can catch her along with a host of other figure skating champions on the 2017 Stars on Ice tour. We got to ask Gracie a few questions about the tour and the upcoming Olympics. Here’s what she had to say!

Gracie Gold: 2017 Stars on Ice Interview
image by Sharon Stipple

Kari &RJ: What are you most looking forward to about being a part of the 2017 Stars on Ice tour?

Gracie Gold: Stars on Ice tour is always fun. It’s one of the last shows I’m doing this off season before I focus all of my energy on training for this Olympic season.

 K&R:You’ve had some really fun programs skating with Stars on Ice, what’s been your favorite?

Gracie Gold: I think my favorite program was my “Let it Go” number from Disney’s Frozen. The movie has just come out and it was our post-Olympic tour. As soon as my music started playing, I could hear all of the little girls in the crowd gasp with excitement. Seeing all of their smiles made me so happy!

Gracie Gold: 2017 Stars on Ice Interview
Gracie Gold “Let It Go” Stars on Ice 2014 image by The He Said She Said Experience

K&R: Stars on Ice is known for their group numbers. Which has been your favorite? Either that you’ve seen or been in?

Gracie Gold: My favorite group number I’ve skated in was our girl’s number last year. We skated to “Sour Cherry” and it was the perfect balance of fun and sexy.

K& R: What are you looking forward to the most about the summer?

Gracie Gold: The warm weather! Since relocating from LA to Detroit, I desperately miss the sun. It’s been mostly gray and rainy here and I can’t wait to get some Vitamin D.

K&R: How about next season, what are you excited about?

Gracie Gold: The Olympics! The entire season is actually very exciting. Every month, week, and day of training is preparing us for the Olympics.

K&R: You’ve recently moved to train in a new place. How has that been? Have you decorated your new place and settled in?

Gracie Gold: It was a very big change, but I’m really happy right now. I’m just playing it fast and loose and seeing where life takes me. I have a cute apartment in the west suburbs of Detroit, and I like it a lot. I really miss L.A, but if you want something you don’t have, you have to do something you’ve never done.

 K&R: You travel a lot for skating, what some of your travel essentials?

Gracie Gold: I always travel with my Red Bull, a foam roller, my makeup bag, and Advil.

K&R: We know you are really close to your twin sister Carly, do you ever buy her souvenirs when you travel without her? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever bought for her?

Gracie Gold: I collect coffee mugs, so I always bring one of those home with me. I didn’t buy it, but one of our friends went to Australia and brought home an authentic boomerang with koalas etched into it. It’s so cool.

Gracie Gold: 2017 Stars on Ice Interview
Stars on Ice 2016

K&R: Last time we interviewed you, we talked about how awesome pancakes are. Do you still love pancakes or what is your current favorite food to sample when you travel?

Gracie Gold: I will always love pancakes, especially topped with peanut butter and honey.
I guess I love to try whatever that country/city is known for, whatever their specialty is.

K&R: Which do you prefer?

 Romantic Comedy or Tearjerker? I guess rom-com, but I’d always pick an action movie over either of those.

Pink or Blue? I guess pink, but I’d really prefer Red.

 The Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music? The Wizard of Oz

 Blueberry or Strawberry? Strawberry, but I’ll always pick tropical fruits over berries.

 Ruby Slippers or Glass Slippers? Ruby Slippers

 Home Decorating Show or Cooking Show? Cooking Show

K&R: Okay, here are a few questions we ask everyone that we interview.  You’ve got five minutes to get pumped for an event, what song are you listening to?

Gracie Gold: Anything by The Chainsmokers!

K&R: If you could be any Disney character which Disney character would you want to be?

Gracie Gold: Princess Elsa

Gracie Gold: 2017 Stars on Ice Interview
We can totally see Gracie Gold as Elsa? Can’t you? (image from Disney)

K&R: We have a two-year-old son and we’re expecting another boy in August, what is the best piece of advice would you give them either for skating or for life?

Gracie Gold: Have courage and be kind. It’s never too early or too late to be who or what you want. Life is what you make it.


Thank you, Gracie! We can’t wait to see the show. Our two-year-old still loves you and he was thrilled that we were going to talk to Gracie Gold again. Have a great tour!


Make sure that you get your tickets for Stars on Ice today by clicking here. The tour looks amazing (update: read our review of the Hershey, PA show) and features a host of great skaters including Gracie, Meryl Davis & Charlie White, Ashley Wagner, Jeremy Abbott, Adam Rippon and more!

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