Jeremy Abbott Interview

Jeremy Abbott Interview by The He Said She Said Experience

Jeremy Abbott is the 4-time U. S. national figure skating champion and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist in the team event . You can catch him along with a host of other figure skating champions on the 2017 Stars on Ice tour. We got to ask Jeremy a few questions about the tour and the upcoming Olympics. Here’s what he had to say! (It’s such a fun Q&A!)

Jeremy Abbott Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
photo credit: Sharon Sipple

Kari &RJ: What are you most looking forward to about being a part of the Stars on Ice tour this year?


Jeremy Abbott: I love being on tour with Stars on Ice every year. There is such a sense of community among the skaters and it truly is unlike any other skating show out there.


K&R: Did you ever see Stars on Ice in person or on television when you were a kid?


Jeremy Abbott: I was obsessed with the show as a child. We would travel to Denver to see the show and if we couldn’t then we would always watch it on TV. I grew up dreaming of performing with Stars on Ice. I wanted to be an Olympian so that one day I could perform with them.


K&R: So many amazing skaters have performed with Stars on Ice through the years, who has been your favorite?


Jeremy Abbott: There have been so many greats throughout the 30 years of the tour. I grew up idolizing Scott Hamilton, Kristi Yamaguchi, Paul Wylie, and Kurt Browning. They had the best connection to an audience. They were thoughtful about their performances and what they wanted to say to the audience through their skating. Every detail was thought out. It was brilliant (even as a child) to see.


K&R:What are you looking forward to the most about the summer?


Jeremy Abbott: I don’t have any concrete plans for the summer as of yet, but I love summer in Michigan. It’s stunning. I’m looking forward to the sunshine, getting out on the lake, and riding my bike.


K&R: How about next season, what are you excited about?

Jeremy Abbott: Well, I think just like everyone else I am excited about the Olympics. Whether I decide to compete or not. The Olympics has always been a huge part of my life and I look forward to it every two years!


K&R:You have such an obvious passion for figure skating, what made you want to start skating?

Jeremy Abbott: I started skating when I saw Robin Cousins perform in my hometown of Aspen, Colorado. Anyone who has seen Robin skate and knows my skating can clearly see what it was about him that drew me to the sport.


K&R: Do enjoy coming up with choreography for yourself or for other skaters? 

Jeremy Abbott: I truly enjoy both for very different reasons. I love creating things for myself and truly trying to push my own boundaries as a choreographer and a skater. I tend to get super crazy with my own work. I really enjoy working with other skaters because I get to test their limits and help improve them as well. I love the challenge of figuring out what someone’s strengths are and using them while trying to push them outside of their comfort zone, or where they feel “safe” choreographically.

Jeremy Abbott Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Jeremy performs in the 2016 Stars on Ice show. photo credit: The He Said She Said Experience

K&R: If you could develop one-non skating skill, whether a foreign language or cooking or playing an instrument what would it be?

Jeremy Abbott: I would love to speak many languages. I have a fascination with languages. I love traveling and learning about other cultures as well. Skating has afforded me that type of education. Unfortunately I only speak English (and sometimes quite poorly!)


K&R: You travel a lot for skating, what some of your travel essentials? 

Jeremy Abbott: Other than skates, toiletries, and essentials like that; a comfy pair or two of sweatpants is a must. Also my phone. Not to use as a phone since it’s useless that way overseas unless I have WiFi or an expensive data package, but because I can’t live without music, and I love taking pictures. I like having those memories right at my fingertips.


K&R: What is your favorite thing to do when you travel? Shop, try new food, take long walks or something else?


Jeremy Abbott: When I’m traveling for skating unfortunately my favorite thing to do is rest and relax. Not too many opportunities to sightsee, though I always try to a little bit. When I’m traveling for fun, or if we have days off from a tour, I like to explore. My favorite way to see a city is by foot. I will out on music and spend hours walking and taking in whatever I can. Sometimes it leads me to tourist attractions, and sometimes I get to see amazing and unique local spots that I would have missed otherwise.

Otherwise it’s all about food! I love finding good food when I’m traveling.


Jeremy Abbott Interview by The He Said She Said Experience
Jeremy skates with Maia Shibutani in the opening number of the 2016 Stars on Ice tour. Photo credit: The He Said She Said Experience.


K&R: Now for some random quick questions. Which do you prefer?


K&R: Action Movie or Musical?

Jeremy Abbott: I’m thinking if there were a musical comic book action movie that would be my ultimate pick. I mean how hilariously awesome would that be? Truly though I like both!

(Editor’s Note: YES! That would be really fun! Great idea)


K&R: Read the Book or Watch the Movie?

Jeremy Abbott: Depends. The books are always better, but I’m a slow reader. So sometimes I will just watch the movie.


K&R: Red or Green?

Jeremy Abbott: My eyes are green so I feel like I gotta go with that!


K&R: Lemon or Lime?

Jeremy Abbot: Lime! I love lemon in water or in ads form, but lime goes in some of my favorite things like margaritas and guacamole. So it’s a tough battle, but lime is going to take this one for me.


K&R: The Price is Right or Jeopardy?

Jeremy Abbott: I love Drew Carey, but The Price is Right will never be the same without Bob Barker. On the other hand, Jeopardy will never be the same without Alex Trebek’s mustache. So I’m not sure I can answer this question!



K&R: Breakfast or Breakfast at Dinner

Jeremy Abbott: Breakfast, brunch, breakfast at dinner, breakfast at midnight. Breakfast anytime and every time of day!



Okay, here are a few questions we ask everyone that we interview.


K&R: You’ve got five minutes to get pumped for an event, what song are you listening to?


Jeremy Abbott: It changes regularly. “Monster” by Kanye West featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver is one that always gets me pumped up.

Currently I like “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Cara, “Final Song” by MØ, and “Heading Home” by Gryffin to get me pumped up.



K&R: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?


Jeremy Abbott: Star Lord because his adventures span the galaxy. And I wouldn’t mind Chris Pratt playing me in the movie.



K&R: We have a two-year-old son and we’re expecting another boy in August, what is the best piece of advice would you give them either for skating or for life?


Jeremy Abbott: I would tell them to use their imagination as much as possible. Never lose that tool. The bigger the imagination, the better. The bigger we can imagine ourselves, our world, and our impact on it the more likely we are enact change.


Thank you, Jeremy! Have a great tour!

Make sure that you get your tickets for Stars on Ice today by clicking here. The tour looks amazing(update: read our review of the Hershey, PA show)  and features a host of great skaters including Adam Rippon(see recent interview), Ashley Wagner (see recent interview) Gracie Gold (see recent interview here), Meryl Davis & Charlie White and more!

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