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I’ve always loved the library. Ever since I was tiny little girl going to the church library, it has always thrilled me to cross a library threshold. There were many ways that I discovered books when I was a child. My family and Reading Rainbow were a few of my biggest sources for book suggestions. As I have grown that circle of influence has grown included classes at school, friends and what I find browsing bookstores. But, I always loved when it felt like a book found me peeking out from the shelves in the library. Books can have a big influence on individual lives so I thought that there could be no better way to celebrate National Library Week with a list of books that I discovered in the library.

National Library Week: 6 Favorite Library Books by The He Said She Said Experience- Corduroy by Don Freeman

Corduroy by Don Freeman

I loved this book when I was little. When my Pappaw gave me a copy for my birthday I couldn’t believe I actually got to keep this wonderful story. My little guy loves this book today and we read it frequently. Who can resist a bear who is so sweet and has such a great imagination too?

National Library Week: 6 Favorite Library Books by The He Said She Said Experience- The Truth About Stacey by Ann M. Martin

The Truth About Stacey by Ann M. Martin

I was a HUGE fan of the BSC and sometimes when I’m really stressed I still read them. This book was my introduction to the most fabulous group of teen babysitters. Stacey is also my favorite member of the BSC. I loved her style, her confidence and the fact that she came from New York City and was always having fun adventures there. As an adult this book still comforts me because of the perspective it gives me as a chronically-ill person. Sometimes the sacrifices, the appointments and the search for how to make things better can get really heavy and this book really helps me focus on what I can do and what I need to let fall away.


National Library Week: 6 Favorite Library Books by The He Said She Said Experience- Julia's Last hope by Janette Oke

Julia’s Last Hope by Janette Oke

To do this day, Janette Oke is one of my top five favorite writers and I’m so glad that I discovered her books shortly before my tenth birthday. If you think Christian romances have to either border on being too immodest or will be cheesy, you need to check out Janette Oke, because her writing is so rich and the characters are so wonderful. It’s also a treat to be able to read something that can provide you encouragement when you need it.


My Great Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston

I discovered this book shelf reading during my college work study job in the library. (Yes, it was AMAZING! I really loved that job). I’ve always loved stories that have a broad scope of history and talk about people who leave home and do great things. Reading this book made me realize that children’s books can inspire adults even more than Tony Robbins. (He scares me!)


Smoky Mountain Rose:An Appalachian Rose by Alan Schroeder

This is another shelf read discovery from my college days. I loved that it took the familiar language and setting of my beautiful Appalachian mountains and transformed the Cinderella story into something that felt unique and personal. It really made me want to seek out more books that were able to give me a piece of home wherever I find myself.

National Library Week: 6 Favorite Library Books by The He Said She Said Experience- The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver by Lois Lowry

I actually read this book with my BFF when I was pregnant with my son. The cover had been calling out to me for years but I’d never taken the chance to read it. I believe that it should be required reading for everyone ages 12 and up. It’s a powerful tale about the truth and perception and a beautiful caution about what we lose when we control everything. (Do not, I repeat DO NOT watch the movie version with Meryl Streep. Read the book, skip the movie.)



There are so many other books that it would be too hard to single them out. Some of my favorite types of books to read are cookbooks, biographies and memoirs and books about fashion and entertainment. I’m very picky about fiction although I do love it.


I’m so glad we have libraries, aren’t you? Get out there and visit your local library this week, I know I plan to! And if you haven’t read any of these books think about checking one out. Plus, tell me what books that you discovered at the library have impacted your life! I’m always looking for new suggestions.


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