Kari and RJ
Kari and RJ

Have you ever read a review and wondered if the person writing it is anything like you? Sure, they say the music isn’t too loud, the chocolate too sweet and the finale is brilliant, but what would you think? In an era where everyone with a computer becomes a critic how can you find ways to ensure that you’ll find someone whose taste and opinions either clearly compliment or contrast your own.  Maybe you have food allergies, or love musicals, but how can you know the critic you are reading feels the same way? As with most problems in life you simply apply some mathematics and your problem will be solved. If you want to ensure that you’ll find people who can entertain and inform you simply increase the probability by following a couple instead of just one person.

We are Kari and RJ Rothstein, The He Said She Said Experience and we are happy to offer two opinions on everything. We love movies, theater, music, food, travel, fashion, television and more! But, we are very decisive about what we love and we love to talk about why it did or didn’t work for us.  Now in one easy visit you can discover a blog where you get two different opinions on all matter of entertainment, fashion, arts, and dining and travel information.

In short we are (well, we are also short):

Kari, is the happy wife of RJ, a PCOS sufferer and infertility warrior who also daily battles her food allergies, dietary restrictions and suffering from multiple endocrine disorders. Kari is a writer, actress, critic, homemaker and now a blogger.  She’s very much a girl’s girl and an old-fashioned girl. But, beneath the love of tutus and big sunglasses also lies the heart of a girl who adores classic country music, Wicked Tuna (a reality show about tuna fishermen) and is fiercely competitive. She views the red carpet as a competition and thinks that ballet dancers, musical theatre performers and figure skaters are some of the toughest athletes on the planet. Kari may love sparkles, but she’s a tough girl and a tough critic.

You can read more about Kari here.

RJ, is the happy husband of Kari, he thankfully has no health challenges (or we would never be able to accomplish anything). RJ eats all kinds of foods, rides crazy rollercoasters and can tell you almost more than you would want to know about superheroes and the DC teams Caps and Nats. But, RJ also loves theater and dance and continues in his quest to find a superhero franchise that won’t terrify Kari.

You can read more about RJ here

Sometimes we agree and sometimes we really disagree. But, some of our favorite memories about our life together come from the times that we’ve stayed up way too late debating everything from Michael Bennett’s choices in A Chorus Line to breakfast cereal and everything in between.

Look around and see what we have to say about …everything! Our post’s feature two opinions on everything and if you’d like to hear us sound off on your product, restaurant, show or event, please contact us! If you have a suggestion for something that you’d like our opinions, then let us know that too.

You can write to us at thehesaidshesaidexperience@hotmail.com

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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